Stephanie Warwick speaks to Female First
Stephanie Warwick speaks to Female First

TRX Training Club, an all-in-one virtual gym was launched this month, allowing people from all over the world to take part in suspension training classes.

When she’s not leading the classes, fitness coach Stephanie Warwick likes to take part in the live sessions at the virtual club.

Warwick explained why she’s excited to be a part of TRX team, what her favourite workout is and spoke about how she doesn’t rely on motivation but on creating habits to maintain her fitness.

When did you start working in the fitness industry and how did it come about?

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for 10 years now. I’ve always loved how movement makes you feel, coming from a dance background, and wanted to be able to help people move to enjoy what their body was capable of rather than viewing exercise as a core. Zumba was booming in the UK and it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I’d recently stopped dancing competitively, so I took my qualification and started teaching. My fitness career started from there, I wanted to gain more knowledge to help my clients, so I took as many qualifications as I could in a variety of styles, from Pilates, to kettlebells, aqua and more.

Which is your favourite workout to do yourself and which is your preferred workout to do with clients and why?

Personally, I love to take the Upper Body and Core TRX Live classes, I used to avoid training my upper body, so movements like push ups used to feel impossible! I like the pace and the strength focus of the class, it’s a slower not necessarily sweaty workout but I always feel incredible afterwards.

Improving my upper body strength has done wonder for my confidence, push up no longer seem so daunting! I enjoy teaching all the classes on my schedule, if I had to pick - lower body and core would be my favourite, I enjoy coming up with creative ways to incorporate new variations.

You're a trainer at the TRX Training Club - tell me about that and how excited are you to be a part of it?

I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of the incredible team we have behind the TRX Training Club. On a personal level, it's my favourite workout! So, if you’re not taking my classes there’s a high chance I’ll be taking class and training alongside you.

Having access to live classes from my fellow coaches to take from home has been a complete game changer! Taking away the commute to my workout means I can priorities more time to stretch and means it’s easier to fit a workout into my schedule where once it would have been impossible.

How rewarding does it feel to know you can help people all over the world with their fitness through TRX?

I love how accessible the TRX is, from someone who needs help rehabbing from injury to elite athletes. With the TRX Training Club we now have the platform to reach people globally, anytime, anywhere.

The straps can seem daunting at first, knowing the correct way to adjust and use them but once you do - you’ll have the most effective home gym in the palm of your hand that you can take anywhere. Now you have the most portable home gym and the training experience to go with it because of the coaching and workouts on the TRX Training Club.

Do you ever get days when you don't feel motivated and what do you do to overcome that?

All the time, but it’s why I love to take classes. When I commit to a certain class and put it in my schedule it keeps me accountable. Like a date with myself that I can’t cancel. I like to focus more on habits than motivation, motivation is fleeting and unreliable - I know I feel better for moving so I focus on habits that I can maintain.

I also love the accountability of taking class, even digitally - I know the trainer will push me and hearing other people’s names being called out helps foster a sense of community that you’re not alone!

Is the potential risk of picking up an injury during training sessions a big worry for you or do you put it to the back of your mind?

Risk of injury is not something I think about, I always include an adequate warm up and stretch to bookend my session, so I know my body and also my mind is prepped and ready. My focus is on my form and technique throughout. If I can’t maintain my form, I’ll regress the exercise.

I think it’s important to focus on mastering the basics, having goals is great but pushing to your limits and straining to achieve them will only set you back in the long run when you’re taking time out to rehabilitate. Don’t forget rest is just as important as your training sessions.

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Words by Lucy Roberts for Female First, who you can follow on Twitter @Lucy_Roberts_72.

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