If someone played an April Fool’s Day prank on you in your dream- it’s a sign that you might be angry, ashamed or embarrassed in the near future but you are going to get over something.

April Fool's Day on Female First

April Fool's Day on Female First

It could be symbolic of an embarrassment or misunderstanding you’ve recently had in your waking life that is still playing on your mind.

If you were playing a prank on someone else in your dreamscape then it’s possible it will take a long time before your dreams and ambitions will be fulfilled because you are too preoccupied with pointing the finger and humiliating others that you’re neglecting your own integrity and reputation.

It’s possible you are anticipating that someone is going to play a prank on you if a certain person in your social circle is renowned for doing so. You might be worried or anxious about what it is they are going to spring on you this year.

Another interpretation is that you’re worried about someone lying to you and creating a very believable story to lure you into their deceit.

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Is someone is being fake in your waking life and you can see straight through them? Or are you not being yourself around others in order to get them to like you? Do you give a different impression of the real you?

Perhaps you are acting like a fool or being foolish in your waking hours and it’s affecting your personal relationships or how people perceive you at work. Is it time to stop, wise up and apply some good judgement and sense to situation or to others?

Is everything a joke to you or does someone close to you not take life very seriously? It’s important to have a work-play balance but if your humorous side is overbearing your serious side then you might not be acting appropriately when it matters most.  Similarly, do you feel it’s your responsibility to talk to someone who has taken their playtime too far?

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What do you consume or do the excess? It might be time to address whatever you feel you can’t resist with some professional help. If you were given a boiled egg instead of a chocolate egg in your dream perhaps you are feeling disappointed about something in your life at present. Perhaps someone has let you down- consider who gave you the egg for additional meaning. Maybe you were expecting some good news and instead you were faced with the opposite. While you may feel deflated, perhaps the dream is telling you to carry on and put this setback to one side...

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