When you dream about a customer or customers, this could refer to the people with whom you share your views and ideas with.

We find out what it means to dream about a customer

We find out what it means to dream about a customer

If you were in a shop where there were too many customers and the store got to the point where it was overcrowded then maybe you are an indecisive person at time when you need to be the one to make a decision.

You might prefer to follow the crowds and fall in line with what everyone else wants- it might be time to think more about your own desires rather than letting other people’s take priority.

If there were no customers in the store, then perhaps you are alone in your ideas- maybe your ideas are drastically different to those around you and you feel you don’t have the support of those closest to you or that they actively disagree with you way of thinking.

It’s possible you prefer it this way and you like your ideas to be far removed from those of others.

If you were the customer in your dream then you may wish for your ideas to be approved or validated by those around you.

It’s possible you are being too direct with someone right now- either at work or at home- and perhaps that’s not a role you are comfortable with or think you should have. It may be time to treat this person with more leniency.

As a customer, you ask for what you want or are looking for so it could be your subconscious telling you to speak up more if you are compromising too much in your professional or personal life.

Another interpretation is that you can keep your cool in most situations but you can also use the appropriate tone and words when a time and a place calls for it.  

Source: www.dreamoods.com



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