Fossils in dreams are synonymous with longevity and wisdom.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps something has stood the test of time and you didn’t expect it would. A relationship, an object, a habit, a friendship, a job- whatever it is might have exceeded your expectations.

The dream can also act as a metaphor for if you are stuck in old ways or refuse to move on. You may know someone close to you who is like this and you are trying to get them to think more about the future and be more open minded.

If there was an object that was fossilised in your dream this can offer further clues as to what you feel is old in your life and needs replacing or updating.

Fossils can also represent things you did long ago that you don’t care about anymore, which is why you have abandoned it. Perhaps you’ve recently remembered something from your past that you’ve come to realise added no value to your life at the time.

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A fossil might remind you of how far you’ve come and how much knowledge you have accrued since whatever it was that was fossilised in your dream was relevant in your life.

It can be a positive sign that people in your life (or in general) are no longer acting primitively- perhaps you are the one who is has modernised your thinking and it’s proved to be a good thing.

You may fear that something from your past is about to be uncovered or dug up and you’re not ready to face it or indeed for others to know about whatever it is.

If you saw someone you used to have a relationship with in fossil form, you may still have feelings for them or perhaps they are about to enter your life once more.

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