Orchids represent exotic beauty so when you dream about an orchid you may wish to be transported away from your life if it is filled with problems right now.

We find out what it means to dream about an orchid

We find out what it means to dream about an orchid

If you are feeling overwhelmed with everything at present- you may yearn for some time out in a place where you no longer have to think about your responsibilities.

More simply, you may be in need of some time away from work- so it might be the perfect opportunity for you to book a holiday somewhere tropical.

On the other hand- perhaps you have let your extravagances get the better of you and you need to curb your expensive habits.

Consider the colour of the orchid- pink might remind you of femininity and grace. Do you aspire to be more feminine and graceful? Is this something you admire in other women?

Purple orchids are associated with royalty, wealth and riches, so this might be something you crave for- a better life- more money- financial security. Or perhaps you are surrounded by people who already lead a lavish lifestyle and it highlights the fact that your existence is nothing like theirs.

White orchids are a symbol of innocence and purity so perhaps you want to return to a simpler time- a time when you didn’t know what you do now which may have tainted your outlook on things.

Blue orchids are not a natural shade so it’s possible you are experiencing something very rare during your waking hours. With that said, be mindful that there may be people in your life who aren’t who they claim to be or there are falsehoods you have taken as the truth.

Orchids are also synonymous with feelings of gentleness, romance and beauty, so it’s possible you need to treat someone you’re in a significant relationship with or a particular situation, with more care and attention.

You may be anticipating special a occasion and so orchids appeared in your dream because you see celebration in your future.

Orchids are sensitive and delicate flowers, so you may need to handle something more carefully that you have been or perhaps you are overly sensitive to the feelings of others.