When you dream about skipping, it suggests you are enjoying life right now because you have nothing to worry about.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Be mindful- some area of your life that is carefree now might not always be, so don’t take it for granted.

On the flipside, perhaps you need to have more fun and stop taking life so seriously all the time.

If you were skipping through time- it’s possible particular events no longer matter as much to you as they once did. Perhaps at the time, you considered whatever it was to be important and serious but on reflection- it wasn’t.

Skipping a meal could mean that certain aspects of plan or project are no longer necessary. If you were skipping breakfast, then you might want to avoid the start of something as this is arguably the most important bit. Similarly, skipping lunch suggests that you don’t want to deal with the middle something and dinner means you are unhappy about approaching the end.

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If a record or song skipped, some activity or event isn’t lasting as long as you’d like it to. Something or someone is interrupting your flow and stopping you from having a good time.

With that said, if you were the one who was skipping the music, are you trying to avoid an uncomfortable situation?

The same can be said if you were skipping a scene in a movie- you either don’t want to approach something or you are impatient for it to be over. Consider what was on the screen as this might give you greater insight into what you are trying to escape.

Dreaming of skipping school is generally about avoiding responsibilities. Although it may suit you to do this now- consider the long term consequences not just on you but others too. A skipping rope is generally associated with children and childhood. It’s possible you need to draw on something from your younger years and apply it to the present to improve your life now.

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