When you dream that you are under the shadow of someone else’s umbrella, it could mean that someone has your back in your waking life right now- a person at home or at work is looking out for you.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you feel safe from worry right now; you are being shielded from the trouble and the difficult issues in your life either of your own making or you are under someone else’s watchful eye.

If you don’t have the protection you crave right now, then you may receive help from others in the near future.

You might feel ok for now but are aware that the protection you have is only temporary. You may fear that it will be stripped away from you at some point, which could be providing you with a constant source of worry at present.

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If the umbrella was turned upside down then you may be anticipating a shift in your situation. Or it’s possible you have already experienced some big changes in your waking hours and you are getting to grips with them.

Umbrellas can also signify defensiveness. Perhaps you are protecting yourself from your emotions by not letting yourself express or explore them. Are you trying to keep your unconscious at bay because you are not ready to face what’s in there? Or maybe you are putting on a front for others so they can’t get close to you. It might be time to find but why you do this as you could be missing out on positive relationships and a deeper understanding of yourself.

Umbrellas can sometimes mean that you have the ability to see the best in everything and everyone. You may strive to try and find the positive in something that at first appears to be unpleasant, especially to others. You can offer a new perspective on things because you see the world a little differently to everyone else.

If the umbrella was damaged in your dream, then you might be unprepared for something- a situation or you're not facing what's really going on within.

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