To dream about a train suggests that aspects of your life are taking a long time to complete when they don’t necessarily need to.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you are working on a long-term plan and the train reflects this. Trains are thought to mirror things in life that are long- not short term- things that take a while to complete; projects you invest a lot of time and energy in.

If you were riding on the train- you are making progress in heading towards your goals. You are headed in the right direction for where you want to end up.

If the train set off before you could board- you may believe you have missed out on an opportunity in your waking hours. You are particularly troubled by this because it would have been the start of a new phase of your life and the beginning of a long-term plan.

To be hit by a train in your dreamscape suggests you have ignored someone else’s long terms plans for the sake of your own- even if theirs were ultimately more important.

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To board a train that is heading in the opposite direction to where you want to go implies that your long-term plans are going in a completely different direction to the people in your life. The dream could signify the end of a relationship or friendship if your values lie on different ends of the spectrum.

Do you fear drifting apart from the people you care about most in life? Perhaps you have less and less in common with someone in your waking hours and it’s becoming increasingly obvious.

If you were running on top of a moving train you are feeling impatient- something isn’t progressing as fast as you would like it to, and you are making your own moves to get to the finish line faster.

Finally, if you have lost someone you love lately, you may dream about being on the platform while watching people get on a train. If you remain on the station and see the train move on- it is synonymous with saying goodbye to this person.

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