To dream about the sitcom Friends suggests you yearn to return to a time in your life when you were young, free and single. 

Ross and Joey nap together

Ross and Joey nap together

Perhaps you look upon this period in your life with rose tinted glasses and have conveniently forgotten all of the worries and insecurities you had. Are you just focusing on the freedom and possibilities that were in abundance rather than the negative things that went on? 

On the other hand, perhaps you miss a circle of friends you had in university, school or college. You forged strong connections with these people and are grieving for your separation- especially if it’s only recently that you parted ways. Perhaps it’s time to make contact again. 

You may have put off seeing or talking to these people because you are worried that you have changed and the friendships you once had will no longer be as strong or as relevant. If you don’t take the risk you will never know.  

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If you haven’t seen your close group of friends in a while, you may simply be missing their company and you are looking forward to when you can enjoy them in the flesh again. 

It’s possible you watched Friends during a significant part of your life- in your teens or early twenties maybe and seeing the show is a reminder to you of all the things you did in that chapter. You may be repeating all the regrets, the things you did and the people you met in your mind and thinking about the impact it had on the person you are now. 

Friends sees six twenty-somethings go through many significant transitions such as making and breaking relationships, having babies, job changes, moving house, grief- all of which are part of life. Seeing it in your dreamscape might have made you focus on where you are now and where you want to be. To reminisce on what has gone before and what is to come.

Think about the episode you were watching- could you relate to what the characters were going through? Perhaps their storyline is very close to home for you. 

More simply, watching the show could just mean that you need some laughter in your life. Perhaps things have been very serious lately and you need some light in the darkness.  

If you enjoy Friends in your waking life, the dream might be telling you to indulge in something you like doing- an activity that makes you smile. 

On the other hand, if you are not a fan in your waking hours, is someone pressuring you into something you don’t want to do or are you pretending to like something just to fit in with everyone else? 

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