Friends works through a lot of relatable scenarios during its ten seasons, but one of its most honest portrayals is when the characters are giving birth. We see Ross’ ex Carol giving birth to their son Ben, Phoebe birthing the triplets for her brother Frank and Rachel has Ross’ baby, Emma, just before Monica and Chandler find out they are actually having twins via their surrogate Erika. The show certainly has its fair share of baby birthing scenes so here are our favourites. 

Ross and Rachel in Friends

Ross and Rachel in Friends

I’m trying to get a person out of my body here and you’re not making it any easier!’: Ross and Susan try to fight over whose responsibility it is to monitor Carol’s contractions as well as what to name the baby and she’s having none of it- understandably so. 

A woman in labour expects one thing- their partner’s full attention- everything else fades into insignificance. Any drama, gossip, funny anecdotes- save them until after the baby is born, nothing works as a distraction for the pain even if it’s well meant. NOTHING.

‘How about Ben?’: Carol, Susan and Ross can’t decide on a name, but after they get trapped in the janitor’s closet and Phoebe has to put on the boiler suit to crawl through the duct, the ‘Ben’ nametag seals the deal. 

Even if you haven’t decided on a name, when the baby comes and the pain and pushing is over and done with, what to call them will fall into place when you look into their eyes for the first time. You just know. 

‘How does he look like?’ ‘So gross!’: When Phoebe gives birth to the first triplet, Frank Junior runs out into the waiting room to tell everyone only to shout this when Rachel asks the question.

Babies aren’t the most attractive when they first come out- as Ross says ‘he looks like my uncle Ed covered in jello!’ but the good thing is when they’re cleaned up you want to cuddle them forever. 

‘You have no idea how much this hurts!’: Rachel accidentally headbuts Ross when she’s giving one of her last pushes and he falls to the ground and dares to utter these words. The look on Rachel’s face says it all!

I will say it once and only once- partners are best keeping any pain they might have to themselves. There is a time and a place and a woman in labour is not sympathetic to headaches, backaches, toothache or whatever complaint their partner might have. Zip it! 

‘I’m dilated three!’: Rachel takes a while before she’s ready to be wheeled through to the birthing suite and when the midwife checks her and tells her she’s only three centimetres- Ross exclaims that he is too!  

The wait is real, especially when it’s your first, you begin to get resentful of the women who come and go while you’re stuck in the low numbers but it doesn’t help when your partner gets impatient too! 

‘I think It’s time to kick you in the nuts and see which is worse!’: When Erika cries out ‘it hurts’ Chandler feels the need to clarify and she retorts with this line. 

For any man who didn’t believe how much pain their partner was in- I bet they all wish they’d had this up their sleeve to throw back at them. A piece of advice- never question how much pain the mother of your child is in- they may not say something as eloquent as this in the throes of agony, but they certainly won’t hold back with a response. 

‘We’re gonna be baby buddies!’: When Rachel is waiting to reach ten centimetres, who shows up in labour too? It’s only Janice! She is thrilled to see Ross and Rachel but sadly the prospect of birthing together isn’t reciprocated. And as you might have guessed, the noise she makes during her contractions is just as annoying as her laugh! 

There’s always a weird couple, while you’re waiting to give birth- it's to be expected The starers, the chatters, the smug ones or the eerily quiet pair. Just pull the curtain across and block them out as best you can!

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Friends (Credit NBC)
Friends (Credit NBC)

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