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Max Evans (Credit: ITV)

Max Evans (Credit: ITV)

Former rugby star Max Evans has told FemaleFirst that his move into the celebrity world was a steep learning curve, as he gave us some insight into his experiences on Dancing On Ice.

Max finished third in the 2018 series of the ITV show and speaking to exclusively to this website as he became an ambassador at Stoke Park Country Club, Spa and Hotel, the 36-year-old hunk opened up on his foray into a celebrity world.

"The showbiz side of things was difficult to get used to," he told us. "I had spent my life in a team sport that is such a brotherhood where everyone looks out for each other, but this was very different. 

"As a team player, you realise pretty quickly that people are out for themselves. Stories are sold that you might not like and if you are hot for a period, people use you and want a piece of you. Then when you are not in the news, you are forgotten very quickly. That is hard to deal with, but it is all part of that world."

Actor Jake Quickenden beat Evans to the Dancing On Ice title two years ago and the former Scotland international admitted he channelled his competitive focus as he took to the ice.

"From a sporting perspective I loved doing Dancing On Ice," he continued. "I could focus myself on something new, dedicate everything I had to being the best I could be and obviously, given my passion to win, there was no doubt that it was a competitive environment for me. 

"I threw everything into it and the focus I had as a sportsman was there when the time to go on the ice rolled around every Sunday. In the end, I didn't win, but it was a fantastic experience. 

"The nerves were incredible. I played in front of massive crowds for big rugby internationals, but I was never nervous because that is what I did and it was in my comfort zone.

"Any nerves you had doing sport would have been run off in the first few moments of the game, but my nerves were shaking so much doing the ice skating and I knew that there was a lot of pressure on me. 

"I wanted to win, of course I did. That is my sporting nature, but Jake Quickenden ended up on top, it was clear that he was very good. It seemed as though he had put in a lot of work ahead of appearing on the show, but I had a great run and I felt like I improved myself as I went through the process."

Max, who is engaged to acclaimed dancer Lauren Jamieson, admits he would now like to take on the challenge of appearing on Strictly Come Dancing, following in the footsteps of his brother Thom after his appearance on the show in 2014.

"I'd love to do Strictly Come Dancing and while it is tough to do well on that show, trying to dance on ice when you are not a skater is a tough challenge," he confirms.

"Also, Strictly is a lot better in terms of being useful after the show because it is easy to use those skills, but it's harder to get down to an ice rink and get people who want to go with you.

"My brother is always showing off his dance moves that he learned on Strictly and maybe I will follow in those dance steps one day."

Brother Thom has put himself in the full glare of the public spotlight in recent weeks after starting a relationship with Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger, with Max hoping his brother finds happiness in his new romance after they met while working on ITV's C Factor last year.

"Nicole lives in LA and ideally he would want to spend more time there to develop his relationship with Nicole and maybe look to make a step into acting," added Max.

"There will be a lot of publicity around them now, but they are fully aware of this. As his older brother, I will always be there for him if he needs me, but he is strong-minded and I'm sure will be fine.

"I have met Nicole as well and we had a great night out and dinner together. There is a really good energy around her and I'm so happy for both of them."

Max Evans is a brand ambassador for Stoke Park Country Club, Spa and Hotel -

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