Do you know which chocolate and tea compliment each other?

Do you know which chocolate and tea compliment each other?

We are always looking at ways to heighten our gastronomic experiences and for a nation who loves tea, pairing it with just the right chocolate can create an exceptional experience for the taste buds. 

Due to popular demand, Lindt’s Master Chocolatier, Stefan Bruderer and accomplished tea taster, Tim Clifton have combined their expertise and knowledge to create a selection of new and exciting pairings.

The nine new pairings take you on a journey of discovery guiding you through the art of combining a variety of teas with your favourite chocolate flavours to create your perfect pairing.

Dark with a Touch of Sea Salt: Pair it with Assam – First taste shows hints of honey and citrus, then the darkness and richness of the chocolate develops and you are finally hit by the salt crystals. Known for its body, briskness, malty flavour, as well as strong, bright colour, the maltiness of the Assam is the perfect match to the smooth texture of the chocolate and the distinct flavour of the salt.

Dark Cherry Intense: Pair it with Darjeeling – This black tea is often regarded as one of the finest, the ‘Champagne’ of teas. The subtlety of its light, gentle muscatel flavour is the perfect accompaniment to try with this chocolate and enhance the powerful cherry flavour. Darjeeling is best drunk black or with a touch of milk.

Dark Mint: Pair it with Moroccan Mint - This cooling and refreshing tea balances delicate green tea with sweet spearmint. Brewed light or strong with plenty of sugar, try with Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Mint to bring out the pungent mint flavour of the tea and enhance the deep mint taste of the chocolate creating a match made in heaven.

Caramel with A Touch of Sea Salt: Pair it with English Breakfast - Traditionally a blend of Assam, Ceylon and more recently East African tea, this is the nation’s bestselling tea which is ideal for drinking first thing in the day. This popular choice goes perfectly with the smooth caramel whilst the strong flavour brings out the salt crystals. The perfect treat for that well deserved tea break, whatever time of day.

70% Cocoa: Pair it with Green Tea - The delicate grassy and silky texture of the green tea is perfect for enhancing the intense cocoa flavour, hence why this pairing is a truly perfect match.  The deep flavour of the tea wraps richly around the chocolate whilst cleansing the palate, leaving a fresh taste in the mouth. Drink Green Tea without any sugar, milk, or other additions, to preserve its robust flavour.

Dark Chilli (Stefan’s Favourite): Pair it with Chai – Indian Chai is a spiced milk tea that has become very popular around the world. The aromatic spiced notes of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and pepper intensify the kickback of the chilli flavours in this bar. The smoothness of the dark chocolate blends well with the intense milky flavours of Chai tea creating an oriental flavour combination. Chai must have sweetness or the spices seem to lose their robustness, so do add a little sugar into your tea.

Orange Intense: Pair it with Ceylon - Ceylon tea is famous for its versatility, variety and individuality of flavour, style and strength. The tea classically brews dark and flavourful with complex hints of citrus, so this pairing is best enjoyed by adding a splash of milk. You will notice the flavours enhance and blend extremely well with the dark chocolate as well as the sharpness of the orange whilst maintaining its crisp delicate flavour.

White Vanilla: Pair it with Jasmine Pearls – This tea has been produced in China according to tea-scenting techniques that date back more than 900 years. This “pearl” tea is made up by tightly rolling fine, tender, green leaves and buds, which are then infused with the essence of fresh jasmine blossoms.  The little pearls of tea open up to release their pale green-yellow colour in the water and give a powerful heady aroma of jasmine flowers. The flavour produced is sweet, smooth, clean and beautifully perfumed perfect for cutting through the powerful, sweet Madagascar vanilla. The tea leaves the mouth clean and fresh with a retro-taste of flowers, ideal for drinking in the afternoon or after dinner.

Extra Creamy: Pair it with Earl Grey - The creaminess and gentle caramel character of the chocolate is perfectly complemented by pairing it with the classic English favourite, Earl Grey. Using two classics, this pairing brings together the gentle citrus background of the bergamot and the smooth chocolate, adding a true depth.

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