Watching what we eat is the easiest way of keeping the weight off

Watching what we eat is the easiest way of keeping the weight off

Putting on weight is the number one thing that will knock a women's confidence, a study has revealed.

Feeling like they are carrying an extra few pounds closely followed by having a bad hair day or having bad skin have more of an effect on how a women feels when she walks out the front door than having someone being rude to them.

Finding out they have been the subject of gossip also impacts on how a women starts her day and four out of ten women said that if someone ignores them their self-esteem plummets.

Despite this most women admit they are their own worst enemy when it comes to feeling bad about themselves with more than a third saying that they are the most likely to knock their own confidence by having negative thoughts and judging themselves too harshly.

Professor of Cardiology and Consultant Cardiologist at the Royal Brompton Hospital Martin Cowie said: "Often people don't think about the impact having good health has on their confidence until there is a problem.

''However putting your health first can boost confidence. The good news is that there are easy steps people can take to make themselves healthier such as exercising regularly, going to bed an hour earlier and ensuring an adequate intake of vitamins as part of a healthy balanced diet."

The findings emerged in a report in to the confidence of 3,000 Brits commissioned by Seven Seas Health Oils.

Sarah Day Marketing Manager for Seven Seas Health Oils said: "During the big winter cover up, people tend to neglect their bodies, especially the parts you can't see. People should consider looking after themselves on the inside to ensure they are looking and feeling their best in time for party season and beyond."

"Women can feel under real pressure to look good often comparing themselves to their friends and partners which only makes them feel worse. However, the good news is that body confidence increases with age with those over 55 more body confident than those aged 25 - 34."

Only 15 per cent of women feel confident enough to happily initiate sex with their partner and just 11 per cent of women confident enough to skinny dip.

Eighty five per cent of women said they wished they had more confidence inside and out with nearly seven out of ten saying that they think they would be happier if they were healthier. In fact women noted that feeling energetic, looking radiant and being in perfect harmony make them feel confident.

One in six feel less confident without make up on and three in ten say that feeling tired and lethargic impacts how they feel.

Other things that knocked a women's confidence includes broken and chipped nails, being poorly, getting tagged in unflattering pictures on Facebook and wearing the same outfit as someone else.

But the majority of events that make a women feel bad about herself involve her weight with 30 per cent saying that their jeans not doing up wrecks their confidence and one in three say that having a 'muffin top' hanging over their trousers effects their self-esteem.

Mood swings, cracking joints and feeling underdressed also made the list of things that ruin a women's confidence.

The top 20 things that will knock a women's confidence:

1. Putting on weight
2. Having bad skin
3. A bad hair day
4. People gossiping about you
5. Someone being rude to you
6. Being ignored
7. Jeans not doing up
8. Having a muffin top
9. Being underdressed
10. Getting tagged in unflattering pictures on Facebook
11. Having no energy
12. Having mood swings
13. Not having make up on
14. Not being able to work things out quick enough
15. Having cracked lips
16. Aching joints
17. Broken nails
18. Having a thin friend
19. Being sick or poorly
20. Wearing the same outfit as someone else

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