Summer run

Summer run

Get the right trainers

“It might sound obvious but getting the right trainers is really important, different trainers are designed to work under different circumstances and if you don't get the right pair you can potentially start to affect your Knees, back and shoulders after a while.

“Most good running shops will be able to walk you through the shoe that best suits your foot.”


“Stretching is really important, it allows your muscles to recover quickly so that you can keep up high intensity training. The trick though is to not over stretch before you go running, a lot of runners damage their muscles by stretching them too much when cold. A long warm down and stretch post exercise will mean you will feel less stiff the day after.

“If you can bring yourself to do it, once you have warmed down get into an ice bath to help decrease the amount of time your muscles take to recover.”


“If you are on a strict training regime try and stick to foods with less than two ingredients in them, for example eating rice and potatoes are great, but pasta has been processed so is something that I normally stay away from.

“Processed foods normally contain a lot of salts and sugars and so can unbalance the substances in your bloodstream; if you stick to whole foods they are more likely to keep you stable. Snack on bananas and nuts or dried fruit – be careful though as these contain high natural sugar levels!”


“Make sure you constantly hydrate, especially in the summer. I normally steer clear of isotonic or energy drinks, I find that fruit squash does a good enough job to keep my hydrated – orange and pineapple is my favourite.”

Get the right sports bra

“Ladies I would recommend taking a look at the Shock Absorbers website. Once you have put your bra size in it shows how the different types of bra will affect your movement, it really highlights the issues of getting the wrong type and size. From that you can normally make a decision as to which one is the best for you.”

Emily Pidgeon is an ambassador for Samsung Home Run, a series of free, guided group runs in London designed to offer a healthy and enjoyable alternative to the post-work commute. To take part and get fit whilst helping Samsung raise money for charity, download the app at or search ‘Samsung Hope Relay’

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