What lifts your mood?

What lifts your mood?

The stereotype of women reaching for chocolate or a trip to the shops to lift their mood is officially outdated, according to new research. 

Just 11 per cent of women say they would chose chocolate as a pick-me-up, and only 12 per cent say shopping for clothes is the key to a good mood, found Appletiser who comissioned the research. 

Sex is also low down on the list, with just 15 per cent of the vote. 

The research actually found that it is the simpler things in life that make women feel happoer, with two thirds saying that nice weather puts them in a sunny moosm and over a third say that a compliment or a nice text lifts their mood.

Dr Pam Spurr, author, relationship and behaviour expert, said: “In a world where we all lead busy lives and many things are out of our control, it’s natural for us to focus on those things that we can control – such as how we look.  But rather than being a tactic for attracting the opposite sex, for women, looking their best is all about feeling confident.  If we feel that our hair and makeup looks good, or we’re pleased with the outfit we’re wearing, this not only has the power to alter our mood for the day ahead, but can have a long-term positive effect on our self-esteem.”

Behaviour expert and life coach Dr. Pam Spurr shares her tips on how to kick-start your confidence

There are countless ways to boost your confidence, well-being and mood. We often don't realise there are little strategies right at our fingertips – try these to boost yours:

Get spontaneous

Spontaneous people use a little trick - and that's to regularly break their little habits. Today go somewhere different for lunch at your break, after work meet friends at a new pub - be the one who researches it. Plan to visit somewhere different this weekend, try new foods and drinks, and even take a new route to work. All these things help create a spontaneous vibe within you.

Be kinder to yourself

Confident people have the confidence to know their limits and recognise when they're taking on too much. They have the confidence to say No to, e.g., extra responsibilities at work when they have lots going on at home. They know that being kinder to themselves enhances their mood and confidence on a day-to-day basis.

Praise yourself

A great habit to develop is to sing your praises every morning before you go out the door. Think about your three best qualities - things like being a good friend, kind and caring, conscientious, enthusiastic, having a good sense humour, etc. Hold these in your mind as you walk out the door. You're much more likely to face the world with a smile and a positive mood.

Become a YES person

We get so bogged down with our daily routine we often say No to little invitations that come our way because we think we won't get the ironing done, etc.. ‘No’ to the new colleague who asks if we want to have a drink, ‘No’ to that old friend who wants to grab a coffee, etc. It's saying YES to the little invitations that makes a difference to boosting your mood.

Embrace change

One of the biggest confidence bashers is being frightened of change. Those who fear change often have the least confidence. Instead if you embrace change and view it as something that brings new opportunities and new things into your life it naturally lifts your confidence.

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