Most of us return from holiday with a clear mind full of inspiration and a relaxed body, but for your skin it’s a different story!

Karen J. Gerrard writes for Female First

Karen J. Gerrard writes for Female First

Heat, sun, sand, sea, chlorine, alcohol, change of diet, air conditioning and not drinking enough water (we are all guilty of that!) Places skin under stress and although it feels soft, moisture is actually on it’s way out of the skin not in!

As soon as you step foot into the plane skin starts to become dry and flaky this is because the air humidity on most airplanes is at 20%, which is half the humidity of the outside air. Also the high altitude causes less blood flow to the skin so it looks dull and feels tight.

Here are 9 tips to put the vitality back into your skin!

1. Before you travel: Mix some oil into your body cream and use generously, I recommend Bio Oil. Ideally do not wear make-up, as this will clog up your pores.

2. Aftersun: Skin can take a while to calm down after exposure to the sun, use your after sun for about 3 – 5 days after returning home, they are high in water content so will sink into the skin instead of forming a barrier. Clarins Gel is good as it has plant extracts, sunflower and mimosa to calm and reduce redness.

3. Exfoliate: Gently exfoliate so you only remove the top layer of dead cells, and not the tan. Your moisture cream then gets straight into the new skin, to give a smooth, glowing appearance. Ideally exfoliate in the shower twice a week.

4. Prolong your tan: If you like to prolong your tan, use a fake tan but use it sparingly so as to avoid appearing orange. The group on My Best Product Ever love Garnier summer body.

5. Keep the glow: Use a lotion with a shimmer on top of your body moisturizer, I recommend Models Own ‘That Glow Tho Shimmer Body Oil’ for a sun-kissed look.

6. Soak in a warm scented bath: Sprinkle some scented oil in a warm (not hot bath) to hydrate skin.

7. Feed your skin: Eat egg whites, salmon, almonds and avocados, are all rich in tyrosine that encourages melamine production and foods rich in beta-carotene such as carrots, mango and sweet potato, will help prolong your tan, as well as being part of your 5-a-day.

8. Moisturise: Eventually dry skin will start to crack and loose elasticity, blood vessels will break and skin becomes sore. Moisturise at least once a day to keep skin supple and smooth. Elemis SOS emergency cream is great for sensitive areas on the face. Nivea Soft is good on the body, and if you are still peeling add in some Aloe Vera.

9. Drink plenty of water: Water moisturises and hydrates from the inside out, drink at least a litre a day. Moisture is a sign of life - water is the source of life. Both go hand in hand for vitality and wellbeing.

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