Period underwear is nothing new, in fact it has been hot topic for a few years now. The idea that you can pop on some undies and that it will provide you with leak proof and period protection, without the need for pads or tampons, is nothing short of genius.

Stuart Jenner / Alamy Stock Photo

Stuart Jenner / Alamy Stock Photo

However, going one step even further with this, Modibodi®, the UK’S number one leak proof apparel brand, have teamed up with PUMA to develop a special sports range of period undies, designed to help women and girls during their periods to feel confident and secure whilst working out or undertaking sports.

Here we give you the low down on why switching to period sports underwear is a true game changer for any sports or exercise.

No fear of leaking

A recent global survey has relieved that 1 in 2 girls skip sports because of periods. This is due to the shame and fear of leaking. What makes sports period underwear so great, is that it has been designed to ensure zero leaks. Yep, you read that right. Meaning there is no fear that you will leak through, unlike with a pad or tampon. The new range holds enough liquid for 2 tampons worth (the moderate to heaving range) and comes with a wider waistband for extra security, so you can partake in all sorts of sports, without the fear of anything leaking.

Breathable for better air flow when playing sports

Period underwear (the right one) can also help you with sweat down below. So, whilst you are getting hot and sweat on the field you can ensure you are not hot and sweaty anywhere else. Period underwear has special layers to keep you super dry and wick away moisture and ensure you are odor free. The new range has aerated side panels that not only give extra comfort but also ensures better airflow when playing sports.

Better for the planet (not just your game)

Most menstrual pads are made from 90% plastic, and plastic products can take thousands of years to decompose in landfills or oceans. On average, one sanitary pad takes around 500 years to breakdown and around half of UK women flush a tampon down the loo. By switching to a period and leak proof underwear, not only are you doing better for you, as they are so comfy, but you are helping to save the planet. Period underwear is designed to be worn, washed then re worn as needed and a good quality pair can last a few years.

No need to change up changing room time

When we think of period underwear, we think giant granny style undies, but times have changed and nowadays, period underwear can look great and come in different styles. The new range comes in three different styles (and with different absorbencies) from an Active Boyshort, to an Active Brief for heavy periods and leaks to an Active Thong, for days when you are spotting or have discharge. The idea is that it looks and feels just like regular underwear, so when you are in the changing rooms no one will know it is your time of the month, unless you want to tell them!

No strings or pads interfering with play

The survey undertaken by the brands found that 1 in 2 women experience discomfort from disposable menstrual products like pads and tampons when participating in sport or physical exercise. By switching to a leak proof and period proof underwear, you can ensure that playing sports when is more comfortable and you feel better protected. The discomfort of disposable products means that female players had a real fear of leaking and this in turn is impacting their sporting performance. Good period underwear should be super absorbent and super thin, to ensure 100 percent protection and 100 percent comfort.

By switching to a period under during sports, not only can it help keep you cool, but it can also stop the fear of leaking and give greater comfort. All of which can enhance you sporting performance.

The PUMA X Modibodi range is available at from £17.50

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