With spring very much so sprung and summer very much so on its way, more and more people are taking to the great outdoors to bask in all its glory. For health and wellbeing influencers 'The Happy Pear' though, it's a ritual that they've already been embracing for months.

The Happy Pear at Swimrise 11/05/2019

The Happy Pear at Swimrise 11/05/2019

Having developed an interest for cold water swimming in the summer of 2016, alongside a community of like-minded, brave souls they now meet at Greystones beach in Northern Ireland every morning for 'Swimrise'. Sharing incredible sunrises, they don't hold back at all in quoting the fact that they believe 'cold water swimming will change your life!'.

Last month on May 11th, together with their friends at dryrobe, they were joined by over one thousand people to illustrate just that, including health and fitness icon Joe Wicks (The Body Coach). We spoke to them to find out just why it will.

Cold Water Swimming - Benefits, tips; why should I do it?

Happy Pear co-founders David & Stephen Flynn explain:

"Cold water swimming is a magical way to start your day, and we believe that as much as it has considerable physical benefits, the mental benefits are just as significant. As soon as your head hits the water it revitalises your senses, making you feel more alive, connected to oneself and at that, nature. The bracing feeling that the cold promotes acts as a natural stress reliever, banishing away any stresses and worries within the body. Couple that up with a huddle around a warm cup of tea and like-minded people and it truly is special."

The Happy Pear's Top Five - Reasons to dive in

1. Cold water shocks you into the present moment, as a natural reviver of the senses. In the morning, we find that it naturally awakens you, ready to tackle the day ahead.

2. Gratitude - put pure and simple, it really is a great way to feel at one with nature. It allows you to develop a greater appreciation for things and that's an energy that doubles up to flow through the greater community joining you out there.

3. From a physiological standpoint, cold water swimming is known to help with blood flow and brain function.

4. It helps you destress and relax, calming down the central nervous system. The best natural stress reliever out there in our opinion!

5. Community - if you're not an early riser, there's no reason why you can't be. Cold water swimming has allowed us to meet so many inspiring people and in a social media obsessed age (we don't claim to be saints in that sense!), the great outdoors is still the most empowering way to connect with people on an individual level we find.

The Happy Pear's Top Three - Break the mould, embrace the cold; top tips!

1. If it's your first time trying your hand at open water swimming, do it with friends. It gives you accountability and support and it will really add to the whole experience.

2. Yes, the cold water will take your breath away, but that's the idea, right? Check out the Wim Hof Method to get set. It utilises special breathing techniques to oxygenate the body, alter hormones and nervous system function, giving you power over bodily functions once thought to be completely involuntary.

3. Let go of any fear and just enjoy the experience! We always say, you might not like the person going in, but you will love the person coming out!

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