Denise Welch is planning to combat stigma

Denise Welch is planning to combat stigma

Mind, the mental health charity, has announced that Denise Welch will join the organisation as an official ambassador.

She will raise vital awareness, encouraging the one in four people who experience a mental health problem every year, to access support.

Research shows one in five people who've experienced a mental health problem has sought help directly because they've been inspired by a celebrity sharing their story in the media.

Denise will therefore play a pivotal role at the charity, sharing her experiences with the wider public and in turn reassuring many others that it's ok to talk.

The actress and Loose Women presenter first experienced post-natal depression, following the birth of her eldest son, then battled episodes of severe depression over 24 years. She now talks very openly about her process of recovery, the significant role loved ones play in helping her to stay well, and the urgent need to stamp out the stigma that continues to surround mental health problems.

Denise Welch said: "Mind is a charity very close to my heart and I'm honoured to represent them and the great work they do. Depression and mental health problems don't discriminate, they can affect anybody at any time and every week I hear from people in all walks of life who are facing experiences I'm all too familiar with.

"No one should have to face a mental health problem alone and I hope, through my role at Mind, I can help people understand that help is here. It all starts with a conversation and I'm definitely not afraid to speak up."                                                                             

Paul Farmer, CEO for Mind says: "When people in the public eye speak out, it inspires others to seek help. We are thrilled to have Denise's support and know her honest and frank approach to mental health will spark many conversations across the country.

"Following Stephen Fry's disclosure last week, thousands of people contacted Mind through our Infoline and social media - the ripple effect will undoubtedly be felt long-term." 

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