While we would all love to be able to afford the latest skincare products, for many people this simply isn’t possible. However, instead of being priced out of a good skincare routine, there are several everyday household items that you can use to enhance your skin.

With plenty of experience in aesthetic and skincare treatments, backed by a DDS degree from Madrid University, Dr. Pamela Benito knows how important it is for her clients to maintain clear, beautiful skin. Today, Dr. Pamela is revealing the five household items you can use in your skincare routine.

1. Avocado Oil – avocado is known as something of a “super food” and it’s easy to see why. Avocado oil can be used to calm redness, rehydrate dry skin and plump up fine wrinkles. Not only that, but this fatty oil can increase collagen levels.

2. Peppermint Oil – not only can peppermint oil be used to give you fresh breath, but it’s also a great alternative to lip fillers. If you’re after fuller looking lips but you’re unsure as to whether you want or can afford lip fillers, dab a bit of peppermint oil on your lips and enjoy added plumpness.

3. Raw honey – raw honey is full of antioxidants, alongside hydrating and antibacterial properties. While you may like to spread a layer on your toast or porridge, applying a layer of raw honey on your face and leaving it for 30 minutes can unblock pores and clear the skin.

4. Metal spoons – metal spoons may not look like a beauty product, but they have their uses aside from helping you eat food. If you struggle with puffy eyes, pop some spoons in the fridge and apply them over your eyes once they have been cooled. The cool metal will reduce puffiness and leave you looking fresher.

5. Cinnamon – this delicious and sweet spice is perfect for dealing with acne and spots. The anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties of cinnamon make it useful in the battle against zits and it can add moisture to the skin. Add cinnamon to your diet or mix it with honey for a powerful facemask that will leave you with clear and healthy looking skin.

More on Dr. Pamela Benito

With over 10 years-experience as a Facial Aesthetics Specialist, Dr. Pamela Benito exceeds expectations as an aesthetics doctor through her innovative procedures and caring nature. After obtaining her DDS degree at Madrid University in 2006, she brought her specialist aesthetic practises to the UK. Her proven CV is backed-up by a sturdy academic career including an internship in the prestigious Aesthetic Postgraduate Program at New York University.

Dr. Pam’s experience has allowed her to provide high-quality facial aesthetic work in a diverse range of treatments. A caring practitioner, Dr. Pam has earned the trust and respect of her clients, and through personal consultations, she provides tailored treatment programmes to help them achieve their goals.


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