Are you bored of restricting your diet?

Are you bored of restricting your diet?

Weight loss diets can be challenging, especially when a craving hits, but how long before we given in? For half of us a diet lasts just 24 hours.

Researchers found that although they start with good intentions, many women are seeing their willpower fade just a few hours into a new detox.

One in twenty even admitted they have NEVER been on a diet which lasted into the second day.

Unsurprisingly, chocolate and cakes are the foods most likely to break a diet, and simply having a bad day can lead to failure.

Penny Mallory, founder of the weight loss company Malory Band, which commissioned the research, said: ''When starting a diet, all women have the best intentions. Usually, you either have a target weight in mind, or a particular clothes size you want to get into, and intend to stick with the diet until you reach your goal.

''But it seems many are struggling to get to their ideal weight before they cave in to the unhealthy goodies they are craving.Sticking with a diet for any length of time is tough, and needs plenty of willpower and determination to get to the end.

''Some people have got it and can get the results they are after, but if you are one of the many who struggle to make it last more than a few days, perhaps you would be better off looking into other ways of losing weight or shaping up.''

The study found that the average woman goes on three diets a year, with a target weight loss of just over a stone. But in reality, the diet is abandoned after an average of just 11 days, leaving them struggling to reach their ideal weight.

The top 10 diet breakers are revealed below:

1. Being stressed
2. Thinking 'I'm just rewarding myself'
3. Having a bad day at work
4. Being offered chocolate/cake
5. Having a glass of wine after work
6. Being ill
7. Going out with people who aren't on a diet
8. Having a bad night's sleep
9. Bad weather
10. A relationship break up

It also emerged that not seeing a detox through to the end leaves three in ten feeling depressed, with another 45%t saying they end up annoyed with themselves for giving up.

Other women admit to having low confidence and self-esteem, embarrassment at failing and even a low sex drive at the end of a failed diet.

How long do your diets last?

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