Even the most ardent beauty enthusiast amongst us finds it hard to follow a skincare routine, especially when stress and anxieties are running high. But the truth is, having a consistent skin care routine is crucial for self-care, and can work wonders for our mental health

Introducing a regular skin care regime can improve your wellbeing / Photo credit: Pixabay
Introducing a regular skin care regime can improve your wellbeing / Photo credit: Pixabay

Abbey Conley - Senior Aesthetician at Young LDN - reveals some of the mental health benefits you can reap from your skin care routine.

It helps to form a self-care routine

When a curveball is thrown at our normal routine, we lose the structure of our day—like what has happened during the pandemic. We get thrown off our normal rhythm, and this can trigger feelings of anxiety and helplessness. Starting and ending your day with a skincare ritual is not only an easy way to promote routine, but it is also a great way of practicing self-care. Taking time for yourself to do what makes you feel good will have a positive impact on your mental health and can add a sense of stability. Many people will also find comfort in their skincare routine, and a satisfaction in the conscious decision to improve their skin health. Once a week, I would also recommend setting aside 10-15 minutes to put on facemask. This is a great opportunity to switch off, relax and appreciate a time-out treat, and it also does wonders for your skin.

Boost’s self-esteem and confidence

With over a year of Zoom calls, wearing less makeup and staring at ourselves every day, it’s no wonder that so many of us are obsessing over our appearance more than usual. There's no question that the overall appearance of our skin plays a vital role when it comes to our confidence, too. Whilst we shouldn’t set ourselves unrealistic standards when it comes to our skin, it’s imperative that we look after it since it’s the largest organ we have.

In addition, the emotional effects of battling with a skin condition can have a tremendous impact on our self-esteem and confidence. As the connection between our mental health and skin’s health is tricky to navigate, it can often feel like a never-ending battle of skin problems causing stress and stress causing skin problems. If you are suffering from a skin condition, realising that you’re not alone in the struggle and finding adequate help from both a regular skincare regime and a professional might just be the solution to managing your stress and stressed-out skin. Being confident whilst having acne or any other skin condition or insecurity can take time and patience.

Self-massage can be calming and release tension

The body is prone to carrying tension, particularly in the jaw due to teeth grinding and clenching, which often occurs during sleep or when someone is under stress. Self-massage relieves tension and the physical feeling of cleansing the skin can help soothe the body and promote calmness. It also stimulates healthy blood flow, circulation and lymph drainage, which helps to remove toxins from the body. Gua sha stones are a great way of incorporating self-massage into your skincare routine and can help to unlock facial tension and reduce puffiness. An ancient practice from traditional Chinese medicine, the idea is to move fluid and tension away from the centre of your face for improved relaxation and a more contoured appearance.

Skincare is a form of mindfulness

Following a carefully devised skincare routine will not only help you look better, but it will also provide you with the perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness. Whether your regime takes 5 minutes or 30, try to focus on being fully present, aware of where you are and what you’re doing – and flushing away any negative or overwhelming thoughts about your surroundings. As you apply your cleanser, imagine washing the day away, inhaling the comforting smells as you do so. To create a relaxing atmosphere, think of the ways you can heighten each of your senses, such as dimming the lights, lighting some candles, burning incense, playing calming music or listening to nature sounds.

If you feel that your mental health is really taking its toll, come and speak to one of our experts at Young LDN, as we can recommend a treatment and at-home skincare journey that is tailored to your specific needs. For more Information, visit: https://youngldn.com

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