Every year, 125 million people rely on contact lenses every day to see the world more clearly. Female entrepreneur, Ashleigh Hinde is taking on the medical heavyweights with Waldo, an exciting new daily contact lens service to remove the hassle and expense from buying contacts.

Ashleigh Hinde

Ashleigh Hinde

Hinde has personal experience of suffering, having worn lens since she was 11. Her mum is blind in one eye, so vision has always played an important role in her life.

Eye-care should be a fun and positive experience, not a chore. Here are Ashleigh Hinde’s top tips for good eye care this autumn and how to keep your contact lenses happy and healthy:

Opt for dailies - daily disposables are proven to be better for general eye care; they remove the need to store or clean lenses, which means optimum hygiene and reduces the likelihood of complications

Take off make up – for general eye and skin care, forgetting to take off the day’s make up can lead to potential eye infections, irritations and spot outbreaks. Mascara isn’t always a girl’s best friend

Vitamin fix – there are there are many supplements you can buy to aid the health of your eyes from any chemist or opticians. Many people take vitamins to maintain or improve their general health and well being, so why not treat your eyes to a vitamin fix every now and then

Tech time out  – for those who work in an office environment, every so often look away from your screen and focus on something in the distance, then focus on your thumb in front of your face. Repeat this about five times just to wake your eye muscles

Water aware - do not swim in your contact lenses or allow them to come into contact with water. If they do, ensure you dispose of them afterwards

Hydration happy - always keep hydrated and never over wear your contact lenses unless prescribed to do so by your optician. Choosing lenses that offer optimum moisture will ensure your eyes feel fresh every day

Give your eye lids a squeeze (yes you read right) - hot showers or baths allow the steam to open your pores. After this, gently squeeze at the base of your lashes and massage your eye lids. This helps to unblock your ducts and produce the oily part of your tears to help keep them hydrated

Sleep conscious whilst getting a good nights’ sleep has huge health benefits, falling sleep in your lenses should be a ‘no go’ as it can put your eyes at risk from infection. Lenses can dehydrate overnight which also means they can be difficult to remove

Regular eye checkups - attend regular eye checks as recommended by your optician, at least once per year. Waldo has an in-house optometrist who is available online to answer questions customers may have about their lenses

Halloween hazard - many decorative lenses are usually painted on, which dramatically reduces the amount of oxygen getting to the eyes. Make sure you purchase the lens from a certified retailer, use the cleaning solutions provided and don’t keep them in too long

Waldo is offering a free 30-day trial for new customers, sign up online and they’ll be with you within 48 hours.