You either love it, or you hate it, but Winter is a time of year that we can’t avoid. As much as cosying up to the fire place or heading out in a tartan scarf with a coffee inhand is the romantic side of winter, for our skin, it’s no summer vacation.

Dr. Pamela Benito writes for Female First

Dr. Pamela Benito writes for Female First

With plenty of experience in aesthetic treatments, backed by a DDS degree from Madrid University, Dr. Pamela Benito knows how to create beautiful, natural looks using a variety of high-end treatments. Today, Dr. Pamela is revealing her five ways to winterproof your skin:

1. Exfoliate and scrub to uncover healthy skin – ever notice that, overtime, our skin can appear dull and grey? Don’t let your skin match the grey skies of Winter by regularly exfoliating. By scrubbing away the drier layers of skin, we reveal the softer, fresher layer beneath. 

2. Turn down the water temperature in the shower or the bath – as much as we may feel legally entitled to a warming bath or shower during the cold days of Winter, don’t heat it up too much. That hot bath might feel great, but it strips the skin of its natural oils and actually dries you out further. Try taking short, lukewarm showers and baths instead.

3. Lock-in moisture – once you step-out of the bath or shower, towel off gently and massage a rich lotion all over to really lock down that hydration. During these cold, dry months, a lotion with glycerine will be your guardian angel.

4. Prevent chapped lips with lip serum – try sourcing a lip serum to carry on your persons, as the Winter can freeze out our lips and render them dry and crusty real quick. For the night-time, try using one that contains sugar to help soothe into the night.

5. Keep yourself hydrated – don’t just sip on hot drinks all day long. Keep on reaching for a glass of water as much as you can to balance out the dryness of the weather outside. For the home, try investing in a humidifier. This will increase the moisture in your home.

With over 10 years-experience as a Facial Aesthetics Specialist, Dr. Pamela Benito exceeds expectations as an aesthetics doctor through her innovative procedures and caring nature. After obtaining her DDS degree at Madrid University in 2006, she brought her specialist aesthetic practises to the UK. Her proven CV is backedup by a sturdy academic career including an internship in the prestigious Aesthetic Postgraduate Program at New York University.

Dr. Pam’s experience has allowed her to provide high-quality facial aesthetic work in a diverse range of treatments. A caring practitioner, Dr. Pam has earned the trust and respect of her clients, and through personal consultations, she provides tailored treatment programmes to help them achieve their goals.

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