Following Chris Froome's historic Tour de France win and ahead of next month's Tour of Britain, the UK's leading personal trainer Matt Roberts is urging more people to start cycling.

"You will be surprised how much you can enjoy cycling. It burns calories rapidly, is great for the heart and lungs. Mentally the rewards from cycling are huge. You can move relatively fast for the amount of effort you put in, meaning you can cover large distances. As a result you can see some amazing landscapes and wonderful sites," says Matt.

Benefits Of Cycling

1. Builds core strength: "Cycling is a complete exercise method, so it works all the muscles in the lower body and works an incredibly strong core."

Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts

2. Low impact / less strain: "The physical impact on the body is low and the strain on the main joints, the ankles, knees and hips is low."

3. High efficiency: "The energy required to cycle efficiently is relatively low, requiring less movement which in turn will boost fitness levels and fat loss return."

4. Fitness Control: "Cycling is a very controllable activity so you can work very effectively at different activity levels. It is a great way of working both the endurance energy system and also working on the Stamina end of fitness,"

5. Social / community: "Cyclists are a friendly bunch and very supportive. It is normal to join other groups on rides to pass the time of day or work on pacing."

The Prime Minister's personal trainer also recommended a series of routes for cyclists in the Capital. "Not only are most exercising activities in London free but very easily accessible, giving you a well needed break from the frantic energy of the City.

"From Hampstead Heath and Alexander Palace, where you can get fantastic scenic views of the City to Richmond or the Olympic Park where you can cycle in complete safety, there is a wealth of areas to explore," says Matt.

Top Cycling Spots In London

1. Docklands to Mayfair: Cycle past the likes of Trafalgar Square and the Mall with this route from Canary Wharf to Park Lane

2. Kensington Gardens: Cycle through the Broad Walk, Palace Walk and Mount Walk at the peaceful Kensington Gardens

3. Hampton Court: This 750 acre park is open to the public and sits next to Hampton Court Palace and Bushy Park in south London

4. Victoria Park: This route is open to the 200 acres of parkland available to roam in East London on what can be a short or long cycle

5. Hampstead Heath: Spend hours cycling around Hampstead Heath and give your calves a full workout by challenging some of the steepest hills in London

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