To mark the launch of the season finale of Freya Lingerie’s hit podcast When Life Gives You Melons S2, research reveals that when needing to change a tampon, 51% of ladies hide them in their handbags, 44% use pockets and sleeves, 10% in their bra - while only 7% don’t hide them at all.

Maya Jama wants to break down the taboo of talking about tampons

Maya Jama wants to break down the taboo of talking about tampons

Off the back of Episode 6, Blood, Sweat and Smears going live, Freya asked women what the most creative ways are to sneak tampons into the toilets, and confessions from 2,000 respondents revealed tactics including hiding them in Smarties tubes, putting them into a hair bun, hiding them in painkiller bottles, or popping them into empty coffee mugs. A worrying 15% don’t even change them at all at work to avoid embarrassment.

The topic is discussed in more detail in the season finale of the podcast, where host Maya Jama is joined by ex-model Zara Martin and documentarian Cherry Healey. Maya exclaims that she’s very open about her period, often telling male colleagues when she’s going to the loo to change her tampon, it seems the majority of British women don’t feel as comfortable.  

Cherry, an ambassador for gynae cancer charity, The Eve Appeal, is also keen to talk about the importance of smear tests. The research shows that the average British woman misses 25% of the required smear tests, meaning they’re cutting their chances of early detection of cervical cancer by a quarter. Nearly 3 in 10 women (28%) admit they have missed a smear test because they are embarrassed by their body, while 1 in 5 (20%) are scared of the procedure in case its painful. Cherry warns, ‘The signs can be hard to spot. A lot of people feel nervous about getting their fanny out… but women need to know their own bodies and all the symptoms of cervical cancer.’ 

Worryingly, even though attendance is low, 23% of women are unaware of these symptoms, with 9% mistakenly thinking there are no signs of cervical cancer, and 7% thinking men can’t get HPV (the virus that leads to cervical cancer) and the same number assuming that HPV is the same as HIV. If women did experience symptoms such as abnormal bleeding, the average female would wait a full 14 days before seeing a doctor.

Athena Lamnisos, Chief Exec of The Eve Appeal urges:

"Be aware of your body and what’s normal for you. Don’t be embarrassed to seek advice about any changes and always attend your smear test when you’re invited – you’ll get a letter through the post from your GP. Screening picks up cell changes before they become cancerous. It may not be the most pleasant test, but it really works, and it shouldn’t be painful, just a bit uncomfortable and over in a minute or two. The symptoms of cervical cancer aren’t always obvious but often include bleeding in between periods and after sex. Do consult your GP or phone our Ask Eve nurse information service if you’ve got any worries – their mantra is simple: no question is too trivial or too embarrassing."

The panellists also go on to discuss egg freezing, the pink tax, and moon cups. The release of episode 6 marks the end of When Life Gives You Melons season 2, which is comprised of six episodes. During the course of the season, Maya was joined by lots of amazing female panelists such as future Strictly Come Dancing contestant, Vick Hope, presenters, Yinka Bokinni and Emma Gannon, comedians, Ellie Taylor and Bella Younger, DJ and model, Georgia Jones and more. Topics include everything from pay-rises to periods.

When Life Gives You Melons is created by Freya, and aimed at busy women who are looking for the perfect addition to their commute. Season one launched in 2017 and charted in the Top 20 iTunes podcast chart within its first week of launch, with season 2 now reaching an impressive #6. Panellists on series one included, Katie Piper, Kimberley Walsh, Vanessa White, Montana Brown and Dolly Alderton spilling their deepest darkest secrets on past relationships, career highs and lows and friendship breakups.

Episodes are available to download via iTunes, Acast, Spotify and Amazon’s Alexa.

Listeners are able to join in on the discussion on social media, by using the hashtag #MelonsPodcast. For more information visit or @freyalingerie on Instagram.

The Eve Appeal runs an expert information service that’s staffed by a specialist gynae nurse. They can give you advice on being comfortable with your smear test, what you can ask for (like a small speculum or to bring someone with you for support). For free, confidential information: [email protected]

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