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James Cracknell has achieved so much in his life

James Cracknell has achieved so much in his life

Duracell Power Me is all about inspiring people to achieve their goal and get support from Duracell and its community on the Facebook page ( Duracell and the community will help provide support and the boosts along the way that you need to maintain the focus to achieve your goals as well as inspirational stories from others, going through their own journeys.

Once a month, there will also be a chance to get a Power Charge from Duracell to help edge you towards your achievement such as equipment or training

I believe that you can power through any obstacle with the right mind-set and the right support. Getting started and staying motivated is often the most challenging and hardest part. I hope that by getting involved in Duracell’s Power Me campaign, I can help people to take that all important first step on their way towards achieving their own personal goals.

Why did you want to get involved with this?

Why did you want to get involved with this?

Aside from using Duracell on many of the endurance adventure trips I've done in cameras, GPS and torches, the beauty of setting a goal is planning, training and learning along the way to ensure we achieve it.  Not forgetting to reward ourselves when we have achieved it!

Being in the career you have, you must have needed a lot of motivation to push yourself harder. How did you motivate yourself?

By staying focused on a lifelong goal that motivates and inspires me - the Olympics was a natural choice for me and since then I've chosen places I want to go to and have had to learn new skills along the way. Being in a team is hugely important too and helps enormously.

How important are personal goals to you?

Focusing on achieving a goal helps us all get so much more out of life in general – the determination, drive and resolution required to power you towards achieving your goal will help you succeed in other areas of your life. And the feeling of empowerment, endorphins and sense of satisfaction when you overcome the obstacles and achieve your goals is enhances self-belief and confidence. 

What advice would you give to people wanting to set their own goals in life?

Getting started and keeping going can be hard. Coaches (training experts), preparation, logistics, the right kit, supportive friends and family help power us all towards achieving our goals - which is the enjoyable part.

Here are some other tips to help you achieve your goals:

1. Live in the present, stay positive and enjoy the journey not just the motivation.  2. Reward yourself in training, there's no point in living like a monk, you won't stay motivated to commit to the training.  3. Do a challenge or set yourself a goal with other people, it's easier to keep motivated if others are going through the same ups and downs. Especially as you're never all going to be down at the same time! 4. Choosing a goal that requires you to learn a new skill makes it easier as you can see progression all the time.  5. Have a really strong rationale/reason for choosing that particular goal, that way you're more likely to stick to it.

Have you ever not reached a personal goal for yourself? How did you deal with it and move forward?

The first Olympics I went to was Atlanta 1996. I got tonsillitis on the day of the opening ceremony and was pulled out by the doctor. I was forced to watch the others race. After four years of training it was horrible but without that disappointment and coming back from it I wouldn't have won in Sydney. It's how you react to a tough situation that defines you, that makes you. 

Fitness goals are obviously a part of your life, what tips do you have to motivate people to get fit and in shape?

Simple, plank it into your week. That way it's in the diary - it's amazing how much time we waste making excuses to not do things. It will be hard at the start but soon it will become a habit. Also don't do the same exercise and train with other people.

Are there any goals you’re working towards at the moment?

I've made the British Team for the World Duathalon Championships (run-bike-run) in August in Canada so that's what I'm training towards at the moment. I’ll also be taking on a Duracell Power Me endurance challenge on the 1st July at a very famous London landmark so keep an eye out for that!

James Cracknell is working with Duracell to empower people to achieve their goals. Visit to follow James on his Power Me journey, share your personal goals with the Duracell community and for the chance to win a Power Charge from Duracell to power you towards accomplishing your goals.

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