The coronavirus is spreading like wildfire and has frozen the everyday wheel of life for most people. While people all over the world are doing everything in their power to get back on board, the pandemic shows no sign of abating and continues to rage a relentless war against humanity.

Due to the imposition of a complete lockdown, people are finding it particularly hard to maintain their pre-lockdown body as most gyms and training centers are not operating due to the obvious reasons. Bodybuilders are cooped up in the confines of their homes when they are normally used to kick starting a productive day by spending a good deal of their morning hours working out, lifting weights and doing burpees in the gym. Not surprisingly, this new normal of working from home does not do so well for bodybuilders.

Is It Possible To Regain Your Pre-Lockdown Body During The Lockdown?

Absolutely! Adaptability is crucial in these tense times as the pandemic, so far, seems inclined on prolonging the disruption it is wrecking. Nobody knows how long the coronavirus might stay with us and the scientists of the world are not exactly confirming if a vaccine will be gracing our devastated lives anytime soon. The best way to dodge heavy consequences of the disease is by adapting change as soon as possible and finding contentment in our current situation. Hence, we have come up with a few steps that can help you regain your pre-lockdown body during the lockdown.  

Steps To Regain Your Pre-Lockdown Body

Since Covid-19 is a deadly virus, it is more important than ever to stay fit and maintain your immunity as nothing except your natural body defenses can stand a chance against it.To build a habit of incorporating workouts in your daily schedule, try the steps given below:

1) Dedicate a particular time of the day for exercise

This is highly important as developing a rigid habit is all about training your body to perform a task without so much as considering it as an option. Otherwise stuff keeps coming up and procrastination gets even the best of us. 

2) Stick to Healthy Foods

Just because the world has become rather stagnant does not mean you should ignore that diet plan glaring daggers at you from the refrigerator door. Boredom definitely calls for snacks and junk stuff but stick to healthy foods and take care of your body as much as you can - more than normal if possible.

3) Download A Workout App

Since most gyms are under lockdown, a good app is a wonderful way to get yourself back on board. More often than not, workout apps help you maintain a healthy body by promoting zero-equipment exercises that you can easily do at home without having to spend a penny.

4) Get your hands on online fitness materials

Another wonderful opportunity to keep fit during this pandemic is by taking advantage of the wealth of online fitness classes, blogs, and tips available out there.

As for the classes, there are many of them out there – be it paid or free classes – and can be found on common platforms like social media, fitness websites, YouTube, and other common digital platforms. Although far from your regular gym environment, you can still get your body worked up with the routines you find on these classes.

If you’re not really a fan of online classes, you can check out different fitness blogs for all the bodybuilding tips and news you need to stay up to speed with your fitness routines.

5) Challenge your friends via the internet

Almost everyone across the globe is currently at home right now, meaning that you’re not the only one who’s locked away in their house. In that case, why not hit up your friends via video chats and challenge them to a daily fitness/bodybuilding regimen.

6) Go for Walks

Early morning walks not only keep you in good shape but also uplift your mood and prepare you for the day ahead. They are also a great substitute for equipment based workouts.

How Muscle Memory Can Help You Regain Your Pre-Lockdown Body

According to the dictionary definition, muscle memory is, “The ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent movement repetition of that movement.”

To put it simply: Muscle memory helps you perform a necessary task without demanding that you put so much as an ounce of mental energy in planning the whole thing out and having to execute it. Take the example of a person afflicted with dementia: They do not remember the most intricate details of their own life. It is as though someone has drilled blank holes into their memory cells. They do not even remember they are married or have a couple of children yet somehow they remember how to use the toilet.

Why is that so? Your muscles are incredible! When your brain is addled by some sort of haziness, your muscles perform a task you need to complete, which is why training your muscles to get a particular job done is always a better idea than sketching out a long-ass to-do-list everyday and begging your brain to comply.

Hence, dedicate a particular time of the day for maintaining your health and regaining your pre-lock down body, and after a consistent week of daily workouts, your body will be repeating the exercise for you.

for more information on muscle memory and how long it takes to kick in, read this post on Inside Bodybuilding.

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