Christmas is a joyous time for most, but some may find the holidays a little difficult to get through. If you are someone who needs a daily boost, then consider getting yourself a beautiful plant to benefit you every day.  

Plants can impact you more than you think! / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Plants can impact you more than you think! / Picture Credit: Unsplash

It is so important to look after out mental health, and the smallest things can boost our daily mood, so here are seven ways plants can make a difference for you! 

Plants can make us feel great 

As silly as this might sound, plants do actually play a significant role in how we feel. There is a plethora of studies that show plants to aid with hospital recoveries, making people feel less ill, and even boosting creativity! 

Plants can also help you focus better, therefore increasing your productivity. Many of us may have plants in our offices, but consider placing some around your home, too. Doing this can lead to a healthier, more productive you. 

Plants can benefit our health 

Plants can come in all forms, including fruits and veggies. Growing your own food is a great way to know that the food you’re eating is as healthy as it can be. 

Growing certain plants can be difficult, so make sure to pick an easy to care for one to begin with, unless you’re an expert! Herbs and peppers are a great choice to grow in your kitchen, and can be used in a variety of healthy meals. 

Plants can benefit our bodies, too 

Our bodies really enjoy the benefits of natural remedies, such as cucumber for our eyes, mint for our teeth, and the soothing effects of aloe vera. 

As mentioned, you can grow things that will aid your body and boost its health; also, growing things you can use for toiletries yourself can keep you looking and feeling amazing, and keeping you free from any added chemicals that may be within the products available on the shelves. 

There is also a wide range of plants that you can place in your bathroom that enjoy the moist air, that will keep moisture levels down. This can be perfect for steamy or small spaces. 

Decorate your space with fauna / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Decorate your space with fauna / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Plants can help balance out our technology 

We bet you have a few devices in your office, and perhaps a few more in your home. Modern devices can raise the radiation levels in our homes. 

Plants can help to balance this out. It’s a great idea to dilute the Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) from all your devices where you can. Plants can soak in those waves to reduce the ones that circulate around your space. 

Aloe Vera and Cacti are brilliant for this purpose; Aloe Vera can absorb radiation, so if you place this plant near your computer or console, it will really help to clean the air around you. 

Plants clean the air 

As we all know, we need oxygen to survive. Plants are wonderful to have around, as they absorb carbon dioxide from the air, and replaces that with oxygen. 

This reason alone should be enough to get you out to buy a plant of your own, as they clean the air and remove any toxins floating about. 

If you’ve ever gone for a walk in the woods, and you feel refreshed afterwards, this is due to the abundance of trees around you; with a plant or two in your home, you can bring this feeling directly to you. 

Plants are beautiful helpers / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Plants are beautiful helpers / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Plants can soften your living space 

While having plants in and around your home can feel rather stylish or trendy, they can actually play a significant role in making harsh architecture look beautiful and soft. 

They can transform a living space with the variety of colours, shapes and types you can purchase, not to mention the pots you can place them in that can sport some wonderful designs. 

This type of home design can be relatively cost-effective, and there is so many ways to decorate your home, plus there are hundreds of different plant and pot combinations to try out! 

Plants are natural protectors 

Plants, as well as being beautiful and good for your health, are perfect for naturally safeguarding you against bugs and insects. 

The Venus fly-trap is a brilliant plant to keep to prevent flies and even wasps at a distance. Additionally, the Scented Leaf Pelargonium can be used on your patio to deter mosquitoes, and other similar insects, away from you, thanks to their potent citronella perfumes. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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