Spotify have announced a partnership with CALM, a charity leading a movement against suicide and living miserably, to shine a light on the importance of talking about mental health and promote the 2020 theme of ‘Kindness’, with the launch of original new content.



The programme of activity, offered in the form of dedicated podcasts and music playlists created in partnership with CALM ambassadors and experts, will be pinned on the Spotify At Home Hub and will feature highlights such as:

  • Spotify’s own Wake Up / Wind Down podcasts, hosted by Niall Breslin, will have exclusive content about Mental Health Awareness throughout the week, as part of the newly launched Daily Wellness mix of music and podcasts to help listeners through their day; 
  • A bespoke episode of Killing It, a podcast that investigates mental health in the music industry, will feature host British musician, writer, actor and CALM ambassador Jordan Stephens talking mental health with CALM CEO Simon Gunning
  • The Daily Pep! - the rebel-rousing, daily podcast for couragemakers, creative, multi-passionate and unconventional women - will see host Meg Kissack speaking with presenter and model Shareefa J;
  • Audrey, Tolani, and Milena from The Receipts podcast will host dedicated episode about mental health awareness on the show;
  • Spotify’s Who We Be playlist, the UK’s most popular hip hop, afrobeat, dancehall and R&B playlist will be dedicated to Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme of ‘kindness’.

The partnership comes following consumer research, revealing the relationship between music, audio and mental health. You can see a snapshot of our findings below and the full results will be available to share under embargo from Friday 15th May.

  • 88% of respondents have listened to music to help lift their mood, with 40% increasingly doing so during lockdown
  • People are using audio to connect and lift the spirits of the people around them, with 40% sharing gifts with family and friends in the form of playlists featuring music and podcasts

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