A recent UK study has revealed that almost half of Brits who have taken time off work for mental health issues, have not being truthful with their employer about their reason for absence.

Why more needs to be done to help those struggling with mental illness

Why more needs to be done to help those struggling with mental illness

Some employees have blamed having a cold or flu, and even family emergencies.

More than half of Brits have taken time off work for the mental wellbeing, but it seems as though we are still not comfortable explaining to our employers the real reasons why. According the research by www.holloway.co.uk, 46% of those surveyed confessed to hiding the mental ill-health from their workplace, due to embarrassment, shame and the fear of seeming weak.

The most commonly used excuses were found to be the following:

  1.      A cold – 29%
  2.      Flu – 22%
  3.      Family emergency – 16%
  4.      Stomach problems – 13%
  5.      Sore throat – 9%

When those surveyed were asked why the felt the need to lie, almost one third said they were embarrassed, and many of them felt they would not be taken seriously if they told the truth.

Maybe not so surprisingly, 89% of those questioned felt that there was not enough being done by their workplace to support employees with mental health issues. Dealing with mental illness in the work environment is clearly still an issue which needs more attention.

Louise Baker, Head of HR at www.Holloway.co.uk, said:

"It’s absolutely heart-breaking to see that so many working Britons do not feel like they can be honest with their employer when it comes to mental health issues. Mental health is such an important topic and those who are suffering should feel comfortable speaking to their boss about their reason for absence without fear, embarrassment or shame. More needs to be done by employers up and down the country to ensure their employees are never too scared to approach them if they are struggling.”

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