Many tips that aim to help you get back into, or maintain, a healthy headspace can seem a little obvious; however, reading and studying this advice can help you understand how to better help yourself, and can give you fresh ideas. Here are seven ways you can keep a positive mindset.

If you are in need of professional help, contact your GP, VitaMindsor The Samaritans. Note that not everybody is the same and so, these tips won't be the answers that every single person is looking for.

Fresh air can be just what you need / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Fresh air can be just what you need / Picture Credit: Unsplash


Many people struggle to put their thoughts into words, which is okay! But, doing your best to note down how you feel, whether positive or negative, can make a huge difference. 

Purchasing a bright, colourful journal (or any kind, really!) will be a great start for you to gather your thoughts and feelings. If you feel as though your brain scrambles your thoughts, writing down how you feel, and why you think that, can be like taking off a heavy backpack you’ve been carrying around. 

Getting how you feel down on paper, and out of your mind, can help clear a space for positive thoughts and mindfulness practice. 

Fresh air 

This may seem like a simple piece of advice, but it can be much easier said than done for many of us. 

Even though winter can be a tough time, with days being darker and colder than in summer, getting out of your home for just 20 minutes a day can make the world of difference. 

If you work from home, for example, spending your lunch break taking a short walk, or a trip to the shop (if you can) will leave you feeling reinvigorated for the rest of your day; you will likely feel more awake, and happier, too. 

Connect with friends and family 

Keeping in touch with those you love and care for can keep you afloat when you’re not feeling your best. 

If you don’t feel comfortable with meeting someone for a coffee, or a meal out, give them a call. FaceTime is a great way to keep in touch, as you’re not simply staring at a screen, but you’re looking at a friend or relative, and engaging in conversation as you might if you met face to face. 

Even if it’s only a short chat, speaking with someone every single day will help you see you’re not alone, and will lead you to engage in real conversation. 

Fruits are a great breakfast / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Fruits are a great breakfast / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Eat well 

Eating a healthy diet can be a difficult for many of us; food shopping can be pricey and some of us may not consider ourselves to be good cooks!

Fortunately, many recipes can be made with ease, and don’t have to be ‘fancy’ to be good for us. For example, salmon and microwave rice is quick and easy, or a veggie stew can be made with simple ingredients that don’t cost much at all. 

Discovering new meals, snacks, and even desserts can be so much fun; try searching for apps to help you create beautiful and healthy foods. 

Plan a schedule 

Granted, a weekly plan may not work for everyone, but planning out the bigger, more significant parts of your week can help you feel more organised and productive. 

Getting a simple weekly planner is a great start, and allocating days to certain activities can be very helpful. For example, you could set Sundays for cleaning, and another day in the week (that you have off work, perhaps) to go to the gym, or do something for yourself at home. 

There are so many different ways to plan your week, if you choose to, that can help you with a steady schedule. 


Learning a new skill or getting involved in a new hobby can bring a sense of meaning, motivation and purpose into your life – if that’s what you’re looking for. 

Deciding to learn or do something new is a big step in itself, so you should feel proud for taking that on. When you pick a new hobby, make sure it is something you don’t have to dedicate too much time to at first; this is to ensure that you will stick to the hobby you’ve chosen. 

Once you feel you’ve progressed in your chosen hobby, you should then make it a little harder for yourself, or pick a different hobby. This allows you to move on or progress while feeling like you have completed something, therefore giving you confidence and happiness. 

There are a multitude of hobbies to try / Picture Credit: Unsplash
There are a multitude of hobbies to try / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Getting enough sleep 

Another way for you to regain or maintain a healthy mindset, is to get enough sleep. 

Having a ‘bedtime’ might seem a little childish, so don’t think of it like that. When it gets later into the night, try to set up a quick routine for yourself. For example, make a note to brush your teeth, apply a face mask perhaps, and read (or do another easy activity) before going to sleep. 

This will make sure that, if you do these things at a reasonable time (subjective to you), then you will not only get enough hours of sleep, but will have less trouble falling asleep in the first place. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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