Summer is upon us, which means you have either reached your beach body goal or fallen off the bandwagon. No matter where you are geographically, summer around the world moves us mentally or physically to prepare our “beach bodies”.

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

However, summer is a season that graces us periodically, whereas our body’s health and consciousness is what brings a variety of experiences throughout the seasons. Come rain or shine our body’s physical well being dictates our lives on a daily basis. Whether you’ve always been at your optimum weight or whether you are perpetually on a diet, this week’s article brings you into the world of energy, giving your relationship with food and your body a conscious upgrade.

It's not what you're eating, but what's eating you! Free the consciousness of your body to achieve optimum weight...

I have recently sat with a client who has been struggling for years with her weight and, although she was happy to continue working on herself, she became concerned when she started to notice that both her husband and daughter had also been putting on weight.

As a mother, Sarah had always prided herself on being supportive of her husband and daughter ensuring their home was set up to nurture and support their every need. Unbeknown to Sarah, her fear of being fat and her guilt about eating junk food was being transferred through the consciousness of the food that she was preparing for her husband and daughter. Consciously she was worried that her family’s health was going in the opposite direction, so both Sarah and I worked together to find the energetic cause of the family’s weight gain.

As a KEY Awakening Facilitator, I have seen many families take on each other’s pain and fears through sometimes sharing the same consciousness of the environment and other times by unconsciously trying to heal each other’s pain.

Without being consciously aware, our unresolved energies from our past become a repeated series of events which inevitably lead us to experience the same pain (failure, abandonment or shame) or the same belief (I’m not good enough, this will never work, etc). In Sarah’s case it was her childhood memories and decisions around food that were causing her family to unconsciously try to heal her pain by keeping their body weight as big as Sarah’s.

This week I invite you to do as I had suggested to Sarah; become aware of the consciousness of your environment, the living conditions and also the place you are buying your food from. Where you once counted the calories in your food to work out how much energy you were consuming, now consider that Everything Is Energy and Energy Contains Information; what thoughts and emotions are feeding into your food?

Take a moment to connect with the consciousness of that food and ask the energy of the food to be filled with love, joy, compassion and harmony. When you are consuming that energetically blessed food, you ask your body to process the food with the intention of creating health, wealth and vitality through this food in the body.

Observe how by changing the consciousness with which you are eating your food you change the way you are feeling about your body and when you feel good about your body you have the power to overcome those negative thoughts that might be keeping you stuck on a diet wheel!

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