Obesity is a silent pandemic that is affecting people’s health irrespective of their age. The percentage is higher for women. Thanks to the growing awareness of obesity-related health issues, women are now focused on maintaining a healthy weight. Women looking for the perfect body often resort to sweaty cardio workouts over strength training. Cardio exercises are undoubtedly good for heart health but can never compete with strength training when it comes to muscle mass.



Tish, a Canadian fitness expert suggests women should follow weight training at least 3 times a week and spend less time on cardio. This will eventually give them better muscle mass, strength, and that chiseled body that we all want. Tish is a fitness trainer with 30 years of experience in the industry. She believes that healthy living is a lifestyle that lands between deprivation and discipline. She wants women to practice strength training over cardio because this training will give them the real gym body and also build their muscles which is harder for women to do.

Tish shares 5 proven benefits of choosing strength training over cardio for women.


Healthy Bones and Joints: Weight training is more targeted at muscles. This is a low-impact training that exerts less stress on the joints. Moves such as lunges and squats promote functional movement of the joints strengthening them in the long run. Strength training also boosts bone density keeping diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis at bay.

Builds muscle strength: Some cardio exercises that involve weight-bearing or resistance moves can promote muscle mass but that is nothing compared to the impact of strength training. As the person lifts an increased amount of weight, the body signals muscles to adapt and grow stronger depending on the intensity of the workout.

Promotes weight loss: It is more difficult for women to build muscle mass compared to men. This is the reason why women don't gain size from weight training rather burn more calories. This increases energy optimization promoting fat loss and toning muscles. Strength training also boosts lean muscle mass that helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Improves cardiovascular health: A survey conducted in 2018 at the American College of Cardiology on 4,000 people proved that strength training is a better way to promote heart health compared to cardio exercise. This is because strength training lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol which eventually helps to lower blood pressure.

Boosts athletic performance: Stronger bones and muscles will definitely promote a healthier body by improving speed, agility, endurance, and power. This helps to enhance the athletic performance of the body.

Tish is on a mission to guide everyone she connects with towards a healthy lifestyle. As body type varies from one person to another, a fitness program also needs to be tailored accordingly. Tish is an expert that knows how to identify the right requirements and customize a professional program that includes exercise and diet. She wants to support every individual who is struggling to live healthy and wants them to dedicate some time to bring their fitness habits back on track. She feels that discipline and determination are the secrets behind a healthy and disease-free body.