In an era that coined the phrase TMI and in which seemingly no subject is off limits, why are topics such as periods still taboo when it's a natural part of being a woman? We should be able to talk about them honestly and openly without embarrassment or stigma.

Tampon Panel Discussion
Tampon Panel Discussion
Lil-Lets want to eliminate all taboo subjects such as periods, sexual health and body confidence

Lil-Lets want to eliminate all taboo subjects such as periods, sexual health and body confidence

This month, Lil-Lets hosted a panel discussion in central London to discuss just that.

Working with five motivating women, Cherry Healey, Gemma Cairney, Jess Wright, Lucy Mangan and Chella Quint, Lil-lets kick started the conversation around every day topics that are still seen as social taboos with a fast-paced and fiery panel debate on Tuesday 6th October.

Covering a range of #tampontruths topics, the panel shared their thoughts on periods and tampons, sexism, body confidence and the importance of talking openly about subjects still considered taboo.

'Self-editing' was the zeitgeist of the day, with all five panelists admitting they often do so to avoid embarrassing friends, colleagues and partners if they're talking about taboos. The act of prohibiting yourself saying what you really want to say is causing problems for women, the panel felt, as the trend is resulting in consumers being denied the information they need to make the right choices.

Research commissioned by Lil-Lets to coincide with the debate revealed that over half of all women (52%) still avoid discussing taboo subjects such as periods, sexual history and their personal health because they're embarrassed about what others will think. Lil-Lets think it's time for a change.

To achieve this, Lil-Lets is committed to spearheading open and honest conversation, encouraging women to do the same to shed the taboo through a long-term plan combining education, ambassador advocacy and frank discussion.

Kicking this off on Friday 30th October, they will be asking women to pledge their support by joining their Tampons Truths campaign, amplifying the message of the importance of talking openly with the power of a crowd.

To join the movement and be a signal-booster in a time of change, visit

Mary Young, UK and International Marketing Director at Lil-Lets, said "Women shouldn't be embarrassed to talk openly about something that is part of daily life. Lil-Lets is very proud to be starting an honest conversation around tampons and other taboos and encouraging women to share information and advice on these topics to help remove the social stigmas."

Speaking at the panel discussion, TV presenter, Cherry Healey, said "It's really sad that as we grow up, we develop inhibitions around talking about our bodies. It's not something children are born with so we need to stop teaching women and girls that they should be ashamed of their bodies."

Chella Quint, comedian and menstruation education researcher, said "It's amazing that brands like Lil-Lets are using their power and responsibility to open up the conversation about tampon taboos."

By opening up the conversation and getting people talking, Lil-Lets aim to ensure that women have the knowledge to make informed decisions about their choice of sanitary products.

Lil-Lets is already speaking openly and honestly to young adults through its dedicated Becoming A Teen activity, website and schools education programme. With the aim of demystifying puberty and removing stigma around periods and sanitary products, Becoming A Teen offers information and support across a number of channels.

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