Six inspirational women who have all lost significant amounts of weight share their top weight loss tips:

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

Donna Wishart (lost 2st)

  • Set yourself realistic goals to help you stay on track and keep motivated
  • Make sure you eat regularly during the day; healthy snacks will keep you on the straight and narrow

Karen Weeks (lost 2st 7lbs)

  • Follow a weight loss plan that’s flexible and fits in with your lifestyle
  • Use photos to keep you motivated – I’d often look back at my ‘before’ photo to inspire me to get to my next goal

Nicci Kirkton (lost 52lbs)

  • Try to be more active, even if it’s just walking a little extra each day, it all helps!
  • Be kind to yourself – don’t put too much pressure on yourself to lose weight fast, I lost 1-2lbs a week which is a healthy weight loss, and its stayed off

Kate King (lost 2st)

  • Be ready to embrace your new-found confidence, now I enjoy shopping trips for new clothes, I’ve even had my hair cut short, something I would never have dreamed off when I was at my biggest
  • Mix it up - ensure you include a range of delicious flavours each day, this will make sure you don’t get bored of what you’re eating

Claire Orridge (lost 84lbs)

  • Follow a weight loss plan that is balanced (carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as vitamins and minerals) is ensure effective weight loss.
  • Find support – whether it’s from friends and family or an online community, it’s important to have support around you

Alex Ball (lost 2st 7lbs)

  • Take your measurements, it’s amazing how much our bodies change when we lose weight, as well as weighing I also took my measurements and lost inches all over
  • If you do find yourself going off track, just draw a line in it and start a fresh – we’ve all been there

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