As the obesity crisis continues, one of the latest issues to come under the spotlight is the sugar content of soft drinks and processed foods - since the Soft Drinks Levy (nicknamed the “Sugar Tax”) was proposed in 2016. And, while it’s important to be wary of our daily sugar intake, dietitian Sian Porter is concerned that some foods have been caught in the crossfire. One such casualty is fruit juice.

Orange Juice has been getting some bad press lately

Orange Juice has been getting some bad press lately

A new in-depth study that looked at six years’ worth of existing Public Health England data (NDNS) has revealed that people who drink pure fruit juice have a better health profile than people who do not. They have a slimmer waist and a lower BMI; clearly something is going right?

While pure fruit juice does contain naturally occurring sugars - present in the fruit from which it is juiced it is actually illegal to add sugar to pure fruit juice – which means that you therefore cannot remove it.

Orange juice has so many positives and by sticking to the small 150ml portion of pure fruit juice you will consume a whole load of goodness. 

Sian has shared her top ten reasons why a daily glass of pure orange juice is the perfect accompaniment to your breakfast:

  1. It keeps you hydrated and refreshed in the Summer
  2. It has absolutely NO added sugars: fruit juice is a truly natural drink made entirely from fruit and water (of course fruit does contain naturally occurring sugars so it’s best to stick to a 150ml portion which equates to 80 calories, just 4% of your daily calorie intake)
  3. Research has shown that fruit juice is associated with a better diet: you’re 45% more likely to achieve your five portions of fruit and vegetables a day if you’re a fruit juice drinker
  4. Vitamin C is your best friend when it comes to boosting immunity: a 150ml glass of orange juice contains 100% of your RDA of Vitamin C!
  5. Young women are particularly prone to iron deficiency and a great way to give your body a boost of iron is to combine a glass of fruit juice with an iron-rich breakfast as the vitamin C helps with iron absorption
  6. Likewise with folate – another added benefit of your daily 150ml of orange juice
  7. Fruit juice is also a source of potassium: an easily overlooked mineral, potassium is great for reducing tiredness and fatigue (and contributes to the maintenance of health blood pressure)  
  8. Fruit juice drinkers have a lower BMI
  9. People who drink fruit juice also have a slimmer waistline than people who do not – smaller waistlines are linked to lower heart disease risk
  10. A small 150ml glass counts as one of you 5-a-day

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