The restorative powers of the sea and marine life have seeped into the medical traditions of almost every culture for centuries. An extraordinary wealth of minerals and beneficial actives can be drawn from the deep blue, making it arguably one of the most abundant sources of skincare ingredients.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Marina Nubo, founder of skincare brands BIO-EXTRACTS and NuBo, talks us through the 10 key marine-based ingredients that you should be part of your beauty regime for beautifully nourished skin.

Brown Algae

Marine Algae is one of the most studied ingredients used in cosmetics, proven with supreme antioxidants powers, inflammatory and moisturising properties. A special Brown Algae complex is used in NuBo’s Cell Dynamic The Essence Bio-Gold, which consist of Vitamin E, Organic Silicon and Brown Algae extract from sea kelps grown in the cold waters of Normandy. This complex was chosen due to its proven anti-oxidant characteristics and efficiency in scavenging free radicals.

Seaweed Extract

Also known as Irish Moss, this extract is naturally rich in mineral salts, vitamins and minerals. A natural stabiliser, binding agent and emulsifier obtained from red algae, it has anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent emollient, capable of softening dry skin. It also works as an anti-irritant and helps to keep the skin looking younger and firmer for longer!

Live sea molecules

A good example of this is is Kopara, an anti-ageing, organic compound produced by living organisms consisting primarily of hydrogen and carbon. Kopara helps to firm, tone and volumise sagging skin, making it an effective skincare ingredient. It also assists in lightening the skin that has been discoloured with age or as a result of excessive sun exposure.

Green algae

This powerful marine-based ingredient is the key ingredient in BIO-EXTRACTS’ Anti-Wrinkle Boost serum, due to its high content of anti-ageing actives that work day and night. The high molecular weight actives work on the skin’s surface to form a breathable film, providing the skin with instant hydration and a lifting and toning effect.

Red Algae

This marine plant extract is naturally rich in minerals and polysaccharide sugars, which helps to retain skin moisture. Red algae extract is also capable of neutralizing free-radicals that are present in the environment, which can cause damage to the skin if unregulated.

Plankton Glass Flower

When used in skincare, this sea plant forms a physical protective barrier against pollutants. It can even be utilised as a gentle scrub alternative to plastic microbeads, and offers mattifying and blurring effects for the skin for a soft and supple appearance.

Marine Bamboo

Marine Bamboo is designed to deliver deep, long-lasting hydration and improve the skin’s barrier function. In addition to replenishing lost lipids and moisture, this bioactive milk supports natural collagen and elastin production, making it a wonder ingredient for those wanting plumper skin!

Plankton Thermal water

This is a very unique kind of water due to its composition of silica and baregine produced by thermal plankton. Clinical testing demonstrates a number of skin benefits including hydration, soothing, anti-ageing action, as well as ability to repair the skin barrier.

Sea Holly

Sea Holly supports and strengthens the epidermal-dermal junction, which boosts epidermal cell activity and improves skin texture and hydration. It’s also said to have wondrous firming properties by stimulating collagen production.

Fine grain sea salt

Sourced from evaporated sea water, sea salt is a natural and pure mineral found in many skincare products. It can contain over 75 minerals that strengthen the skin and help with a range of skincare concerns, from uneven skin tone and signs of ageing.

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