Summer Skin Preparation from Hawaiian Tropic...

Summer Skin Preparation from Hawaiian Tropic...

From sunny to shaving and trimming to tanning, a woman has her hands full looking her best of the summer months. It can be tough enough here at home when the weather dictates the odd summer dress that can be worn, but holidays are a completely different ball game.

Beauty regimes should be fun and we should enjoy taking pride in our appearance. So here we have some products that are all about the protection, keeping you looking great and just as important, simple enough to slip into your life.

Whether its two weeks or two days skin protection is extrememly important. This handy travel bag full of sunning goodies is from Hawaiian Tropic and comes with 3 100ml bottles. An SPF20 oil, lotion and bronzer.

For £13.99, if you're scooting off for a warm weekend or hot hol then this is a great little thing to throw in your bag. Just one reasonable purchase and you've all the sun protection you need.

This Hawaiian Tropic sun lotion in available in a variety of SPFs, but this is 50+ as you can never be too prepared for the sun. Depending on where you are going and what skin type you are, you may need more protection than you think.

This lotion is great as it's light, with an easy coverage, very water resistant and lasts for up to 80 minutes. That makes it perfect for lounging by the pool for a while and not having to worry about topping up every 5 minutes or when you've cooled off in the water. £12.29.

You're not ready for hitting the beach until you have found yourself a good bikini trimmer. This one from Wilkinson Sword is perfect as it has a razor at one end and a waterproof electric trimmer on the other. For £9.99 you can maintain and shape freely to keep yourself looking and feeling great. It even comes in a handy travel pack for carry abroad discretely. Bargain.

If you're worried about hitting the pool on the first day with your pale, yet to be tanned can always cheat a little and use this Hawaiian Tropic gradual bronzer and moisturiser. It's great for giving skin a sun kissed glow and keeping it super soft which help it to tan quicker. Just pop a little on a few days before flying and it'll take the edge off.

It's also a great product to use here in the British weather to give your skin a healthy discrete tan (without the nasty tan smell) and at £8.19 it's much cheaper than a holiday!

If you're desperate to achieve a toned complexion on your hols then this is the product for you. This spray on oil is SPF20 meaning it will offer you much needed protection from the sun but will also make it easier for the sun to hit your skin with all the right effects. For £12.29 you can apply easily and sit back and relax, knowing you're fully protected and on your way to having a beatifully glowing tan.

This razor from Wilkinson Sword is a FemaleFirst Fave not only does it leave skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch - but with just the special ingredient of water this baby lathers, shaves and moisturises all at the same time! It also has pomegranate in it too to keep skin healthy. At only £5.69 - why haven't you got yours yet?

Happy pampering!

FemaleFirst Jenna Fordie

twitter: @Jenna_FAM 


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