Do you need helping getting out of a hair rut?

Do you need helping getting out of a hair rut?

If only we had a hairdresser there each morning to help perfect our look for the day ahead, I’m pretty sure that you would head to work in a much better mood, wouldn’t you?

Research has revealed that a huge number of women have just one hairstyle with the exception of a second rolled out for special occasions – help is needed to get you out of your hair rut.

Once perceived as pioneers in the hair stakes, thanks to the plethora of British fashion icons who experimented with Bob, Bouffant and Quiff styles – half of women now reserve trying something new to a special occasion. 

In a bid to reignite the nation’s hair passion and provide some well needed ‘hairspiration’, iconic British beauty brand Silvikrin has partnered with Darcey Bussell to launch its Silvikrin Heat Styling range.  The range is specifically designed to protect the hair from the effects of heat damage whilst styling.

Would a haircut help you out of your rut?

As part of the launch, Darcey Bussell showcases her new choppy crop as well as starring in a series of easy to create, striking images, showcasing her other favourite hairstyles created by Silvikrin’s celebrated Style Director, Michael Douglas.  The looks are all styled using heated tools to demonstrate the benefit of innovative ThermoFlex technology, which helps to shield hair from heat damage and encourages women to get creative without the worry of damaging their hair. 

Darcey Bussell comments: “Throughout my career my hair has been preened and pulled and so it’s important to me to do everything I can to minimise further damage, without compromising on style. The new Silvikrin Heat Styling range is perfect as it not only protects my hair, but provides the added benefit of long lasting hold. Now I can get creative with heated tools all over again thanks to Silvikrin. I’m so delighted to be working with such an iconic British beauty brand.”

And if you’re looking to impress the male in your life, it’s time to ditch the extensions and toss the tongs. Almost three-quarter of men prefer the natural look on women, with bed-head and messy hair styles coming out as the most attractive. The main reasons being that it’s less high maintenance and more relaxed, it’s sexy and tousled and because it takes less time to get ready.

Matthew Wood of who conducted the research, made the following remarks:

“In this day and age of celebrity and lives under the microscope, there is an enormous pressure on ladies to appear flawless at all times or conform to trends.  Unfortunately, many think this means manipulating their locks to excess, when in actual fact this just makes it seem as if there is something to hide, which is why I think so many men have voted for the messy or bed-head hairstyle.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, and I think the men of today would prefer someone who is more natural and confident in their appearance, who feels happy as they are. The bed-head or messy look is often not entirely natural though – with hair dye, hair spray and all manner of mousses and creams, I’m sure it can take the ladies just as long to achieve that natural messy look as it does to skilfully style a tidy or extravagant do.  No matter what kind of style you have, it’s important to invest wisely in good quality products that are kind to your hair. Make sure you shop around for a good deal, to avoid spending a fortune.”

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