Fyodor Golan SS15 backstage with ghd

Fyodor Golan SS15 backstage with ghd

The Fyodor Golan for SS15 was bright, breezy with sporty elements and the hair reflected that beautifully.

There was an injection of romance through the digital age with the brand’s partnership with Microsoft and nods to the rave culture in chunk materials and an intense colour palette – further enhanced through the underground location of The Vaults in London.

The hair carries the laid back attidutde referenced in the clothing and Kenna created an undone texture which is haphazardly pinned back to keep it out of the face and eyes.  Flyaway hairs are curled to give a salty, sun-dried vibe, giving our digital girl a relaxed, real-world style.


Prep the hair by creating texture - apply ghd style root lift spray to the hair and rough dry with ghd aura. This will go on to hold the style in place.

Next, part the hair at its natural parting (a neat line isn’t necessary, stick to where it naturally falls).

Using a ghd curve classic wave wand, create waves in sections by wrapping the hair around the barrel of the tool, alternating the curl direction as you go.

Avoid wrapping the last 2-3 inches of hair around the ghd curve classic wave wand, to create a lighter, more relaxed finish to the ends.

Once all the hair has been curled, break it up by blasting ghd aura on a cold setting, spritzing ghd style root lift spray as you go.

To finish, pin the hair back from the face in in irregular sections using kirby grips or hair pins.

To create a rough finish, ease pieces of hair loose from the grips with your fingers, lightly bending these sections with the ghd eclipse styler to soften.

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