Lorraine Kelly believes exercise isn't about being "glamorous".

Lorraine Kelly at the Amazon.co.uk fitness class for 'Brand New You' fitness DVD

Lorraine Kelly at the Amazon.co.uk fitness class for 'Brand New You' fitness DVD

The 57-year-old television presenter - who launched her fitness DVD 'Brand New You' in December last year - has admitted working out isn't about looking attractive but is about getting as sweaty as you possibly can, because that is proof you've worked hard.

Speaking in a Q&A ahead of an Amazon.co.uk fitness class at London's Amazon European Photography Studio, which she co-hosted with her friend and fitness guru Maxine, the nation's sweetheart said: "Exercise isn't about being glamorous, the sweatier you get the better as it means you're working hard. Exercise can really empower you and make you feel strong as well as keep you healthy - it's so important. I want a healthy happy Britain!"

The 'Lorraine' host is set to jet off across the globe to embark on an expedition to Antarctica, and she has admitted she will be packing her workout video with her on her travels and will continue to keep fit whilst she is away because she always tries to squeeze in some exercise whenever she is on holiday.

She said: "When I'm away I actually do my own DVD. I've got to do it myself. I went to Orkney for the weekend, we've got an amazing place up there. So I went with all the girls up there. It's a great bonding thing, it's a real sisterhood as well."

And the Scottish star has admitted she feels she has been given a new lease of life since she has embarked on her fitness regime.

She explained: "I've got more energy. It's not just about how you feel physically, it's mentally as well. It's just great, it's a fantastic stress buster and sometimes I go and I feel tired and stressed, and I come out of there like a new woman. I just feel so much better."

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