The day of May is the fifth, what will your signs offer you as a gift?

What will today bring for you?

What will today bring for you?


Today you feel the need to explore- whether this be your feelings or your surroundings, what you find might shock you.


Today is about having fun- whatever you are doing- see the light in everything and just enjoy being alive.


You need to set aside some time for silence today as you want to think carefully about a situation or a project before progressing with it.


You are filled with shame about something you’ve done lately but don’t be too hard on yourself as you will never escape the clutches of regret.


Today you need to sandwich two areas of your life together in order to make a real difference and improvement to something.


You need to be optimistic and have a can-do attitude today- ‘when life gives you lemons make lemonade’ as the saying goes- so see the best in people and situations.


You may feel like you have the freedom to do things now that you couldn’t before so embrace this new found ability to do more activities that bring you joy.


You are very capable of producing something great but your lack of self-belief is making you think the contrary. Try to have a more faith in your own abilities.


You need to develop ‘survival skills’ for a situation you have been thrust into. The people involved aren’t sympathetic, so you need to grow a tougher skin.


Things are heating up for you today- a situation is reaching the extreme; people are feeling angry and have intense feelings about an issue. You need to be one to cool things down.


Today is for spicing things up in your life for it has become bland and you are falling into a rut. Why not try something out of your comfort zone?


Today is a time for spoiling your body with good nutrition. You have been fuelling your system with unhealthy resources lately so it’s time to nourish and cherish your greatest gift.

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