The Amazing Spider Man

The Amazing Spider Man

Summer 2012 looks set to be a vintage year for blockbuster movies and Spider Man is going to be one of the movies that will be drawing fans into cinemas.

It has been five years since a Spider Man movie last graced the big screen but this summer sees the entire franchise re-booted.

Yes the fantastically named Marc Webb has taken over the director's chair from Sam Raimi while there is also a new face as Peter Parker.

Andrew Garfield has been making waves in the acting world with roles in the likes of The Social Network and Never Let Me Go, but this movie looks set to make him a huge household name.

Yes the British actor will be taking over the role of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man from Tobey Maguire, who I never liked anyway, as the franchise is taken back to the very beginning.

Parker is a teenager this time around who is trying to uncover his past and his parents.

As we have come to expect from these blockbuster movies there is an all star cast on hand that includes the fantastic Emma Stone.

He takes on the role of love interest Gwen Stacy and this is the first big budget blockbuster role for the actress.

Martin Sheen and Sally Field team up to play Ben and May Parker, Peter's uncle and aunt.

And no Spider Man movie would be complete without a villain and Rhys Ifans is on hand to take on the role of Dr Curt Connors aka The Lizard.

The Spider Man franchise has always enjoyed huge success at the box office and I think that fans will be intrigued to see a new actor tackle the leading role.

While the movie won't break $1 billion it should do very very well this summer.

The Amazing Spider-Man is released 4th July

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