Damien Chazelle is to direct a new movie for Paramount Pictures.

Damien Chazelle is directing a new film set in a prison

Damien Chazelle is directing a new film set in a prison

The Oscar-winning filmmaker will helm his first film since signing an overall deal with the studio.

Plot details are yet to be disclosed but sources say that Chazelle will direct the untitled picture based on an original script he has written. It is thought that the story will be set in a prison.

The 'La La Land' director will produce along with his partner Olivia Hamilton for their Wild Chickens banner.

It is not clear when the project will head into production as no cast members are currently attached but sources have stated that Chazelle and Paramount bosses are expected to hold meetings with A-list talent for a flick that is likely to attract a long list of famous faces.

Damien, 39, signed a deal with Paramount at the end of 2022 after working with the studio on his flick 'Babylon' – which bombed at the box office despite boasting a cast including Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt.

The filmmaker acknowledged that the failure of the period movie is likely to impact the amount of funding he gets for future films.

Speaking on the 'Talking Pictures' podcast, he said: "Certainly, in financial terms, 'Babylon' didn’t work at all. You try to not have that effect what you’re doing creatively, but, at some level, it can’t help but affect it. But maybe that’s OK?

"I have a very mixed mind about it. Who knows. Maybe I won’t be able to get this one made. I have no idea. We’ll have to wait and see.

"I’ve been head in the sand. I’ve been sort of busy writing. So I’ll get a real taste of how it’s changed or not [since 'Babylon'] once I get to finish this script and try to actually get it made.

"I’m in a sort of trepidatious state of mind, but I have no illusions. I won’t get a budget of 'Babylon' size any time soon, or at least not on this next one."