S Club are planning to "celebrate" Paul Cattermole's life with their upcoming reunion tour.

S Club have been brought closer together by the death of their bandmate Paul Cattermole

S Club have been brought closer together by the death of their bandmate Paul Cattermole

The 1990s pop group is due to hit the road again for the 'Good Times Tour' in October but following the death of bandmate Paul - who died in April at the age of 46 -, the 'Reach' hitmakers have vowed to "look out for each other" more than ever before following the tragedy.

Lead singer Jo O'Meara told the October issue of RETROPOP: "Obviously, it’s been horrendous, but it's made us bond together and look out for each other more so than ever, because at the end of the day we've got to look out for one another and celebrate Paul's life as best as we can moving forward."

The BRIT Award-winning group - which also consists of Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Tina Barrett, and Rachel Stevens, whilst Hannah Spearritt opted to drop out of the tour after Paul's death - also revealed that Paul will be a part of the tour, as his vocals appear on classic tracks like 'Reach', 'S Club Party' and 'Have You Ever' that they will not "mess with" at all.

West End star Jon said: "There are bits in the show that are iconically Paul's vocals, so we're not gonna mess with that; he's very much still in the show and very much still a part of the tour. That was really important for us."

Rachel went on to tease fans that the upcoming show will be the "best" that they have ever done as she explained that the reunion has brought them "closer" together.

She said: "It's a celebration. It's going to be the best show we've ever put on. We've got all the memories that we can share with the fans and he'll be such a huge part of it. It's brought us closer together and that feels really special."

The October issue of RETROPOP is out now