The Sugababes have recalled receiving a "pep talk" from their idol, Victoria Beckham.

Sugababes were star-struck meeting their idol, Victoria Beckham

Sugababes were star-struck meeting their idol, Victoria Beckham

The girl group were blown away by how nice the Spice Girl was to them when they were nervously waiting for their appearance on the now-defunct music show, 'CD:UK'.

Keisha Buchanan, 38, told Rebecca Judd on Apple Music: "I remember we did 'CD:UK' and at the time Victoria Beckham was doing her solo stuff. I remember meeting her and being so excited because I was a huge Spice Girls fan. We all were. In year seven I got loads of girls together and I was like, 'Right, we need to make a band. We need to perform like the Spice Girls.'"

The girls were so enamoured with Posh Spice, 49, that they didn't care less that her heartthrob, then-footballer spouse, David Beckham, 47, was sat outside.

Siobhán Donaghy, also 38, added: "I love that David Beckham was sat outside the room and none of us even noticed him. We were like, 'Whatever.'

"She was really lovely, she gave us a little pep talk before we went on and it was quite nice. She was like, 'Have fun.' She was trying to relax us and make sure we weren't nervous. She was really lovely."

Elsewhere, the girls revealed they had no idea that their 2003 hit 'Too Lost in You' was going to be featured in the rom-com classic 'Love Actually', released that same year.

Mutya Buena, 37, said: "We didn't [know it was going to be used in the film]."

Keisha continued: "We went out to LA to record with Diane Warren. We went in with her and she played us many different songs. It was one of the songs that we didn't actually write. We heard it, it was a stripped-back version of it, loved it, vocalled it. Then we came back to the UK, we knew it was going to be on our album, not for a soundtrack. And then later on, obviously they approached us about that, which was really lovely. It was a great time."

Keisha revealed she had to cover her eye with her hair for the music video because she had an infection.

She recalled: "I remember one of my memories about that song was we were shooting the video and I got this weird eye infection and I remember my eye swelled up massively. Then we had to shoot, I don't know if you can remember, we had to shoot with my hair over my eye."

Mutya admitted that she regularly watches the Richard Curtis film starring the likes of Hugh Grant, Dame Emma Thompson, Bill Nighy and Martine McCutcheon just to hear the song.

She confessed: "I watch it literally every day ['Love Actually']. It's actually so refreshing to watch it and then hear your music because it's just a really big accomplishment. Especially when the whole of England's listening to it or watching the film. It's just nice."

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