We’re now on the fourth edition of this list, so if you’ve done the things in onetwo and three, here are some more ideas to keep your little one from being bored during lockdown

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Go on a treasure hunt: Perhaps you still have some chocolate pennies left over from christmas? If so, you could hide these (or something else you have a few of) around one of your rooms or your garden and go and find them with your toddler. If you have a little basket or bag they can use to keep them in as they hunt, even better! 

Declutter: If you have some things that you want to part with once the charity shops are open, why not find an old cardboard box and write ‘donation’ on the side and get your toddler to decorate it for you? Then ask them to help you by putting these things in the box. It might be best to steer clear of their items as they will pull them back out of the box again and want to play with them.

Do a good deed: There are plenty of these that can be done in lockdown. If you have an elderly person in the family, why not pick something up from the shops for them and drop it off at their door? Or you might not need a reason- just a simple bunch of flowers will brighten their day.  You could even Facetime someone who is missing you both to blow them kisses and wave. If they don’t have Facebook, you could record a message from you and your little one to send to their phone so they can replay it when they are feeling lonely. They will appreciate seeing your child’s face rather than just hearing their voice over the phone. 

Draw a picture for someone who lives far away: Ask your toddler to draw a picture for a grandparent, auntie or friend who you know would be spending more time with your toddler if they could. Then pop it in an envelope to send to this person to give them a smile when they get their post. 

Raid the recycling: There are plenty of treasures in your recycling bin before it goes outside, so take out any boxes, yoghurt pots or toilet rolls and get creative. You could make a car or a bus or even a little house for miniature figurines to live in. Then decorate it as your toddler chooses with pompoms, glitter, colours- whatever you have to hand in your craft box. 

Make a puppet and host a puppet show: If you have an old sock lying around, why not stick some eyes on it and have your very own puppet show? You could make one for each of you and perform something together- all you need is a cardboard box for your mini theatre. You could even use it as a means of reading a book to your toddler. They are bound to sit still for longer if the book is being read aloud by a puppet! 

Pot a plant: If you have some daffodil bulbs ready for the spring or some seeds to plant, find a little plastic pot or wooden planter and encourage your toddler to join in. You may need to invest in a little trowel for them so they can help you to put the compost into the holder and to dig a small space to place the bulbs or seeds. Then they can water it and you can watch it grow and tend to it together when the weather improves.

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