While Bonfire Night may look a little different this year, you can still celebrate with your little one in your own special way that is appropriate to their age and interests. Here are my top suggestions for making this one memorable despite being in lockdown. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Eat traditional food: While you may not feel comfortable giving your toddler a hot dog in a bun, marshmallows or a toffee apple as these can pose as choking hazards, jacket potatoes are a traditional bonfire night food that’s much easier for toddlers to chew and swallow. Simply chuck one in the microwave or oven and when it’s ready, mash it up with some cheese or beans or both and enjoy a simple yet hearty meal together as a family. 

Watch a movie with a fireworks show/scene: There are a few family friendly movies that have memorable fireworks scenes in them such as Mulan, G-Force, Mary Poppins or Toy Story, so snuggle up under a blanket and watch something fun together to drown out the noise of the bangs if the loud cracks scare your little one. 

Watch other people’s fireworks: One or several of your neighbours are bound to set off a few fireworks in their back garden, in which case, turn the lights off and watch them out of the window. That way you know there is no risk to your toddler and they can still enjoy the pretty colours and identify them as they go ‘bang’. 

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Read a book about fireworks: If you take a look on Amazon there are a few books to choose from that are aimed at little ones all about fireworks or that touch on the topic of fireworks. Why not cuddle up together in bed and read one of them before they go off to sleep? Hovis the Hedgehog: Bonfire Night by Lynda Leigh-Crawford might just fit the bill...

Get them a firework themed outfit: If you take a look on places like Etsy and Amazon, you should be able to pick your toddler up a t-shirt, vest or romper that is appropriately adorned with firework images which will make for a great photo opportunity to look back on over subsequent Bonfire Nights.

Colouring books: You could always order your toddler a firework themed colouring book and spend the night colouring in with your little one. This is a relaxing activity that you can all do together after dinner and a great way to have a conversation around colours. 

Bake: While you need to keep your little one away from the oven, they can still help you to mix the ingredients up to bake cookies and then help you to decorate them with icing afterwards. The more colour, the better as they create their own firework designs on the tops of each of the biscuits. Then tuck in while the bangs, squeals and pops fill the air outside. 

Happy Bonfire Night to all the parents with toddlers! 

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Invest in a themed baby night light: That rotates about their room and projects images of fireworks on to their ceiling- a much safer and more baby friendly way to celebrate the evening and many more thereafter... to read more click HERE 

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