Ensure that you and your baby stay healthy

Ensure that you and your baby stay healthy

During pregnancy, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re looking after your health, here are some easy to follow tips for January resolutions, to make sure you get your pregnancy off to the best start.


Essential fatty acids are vital for good health, however they are not produced by the body and must be consumed through diet, with oily fish recognised as the best source. With 65 per cent of the population falling short of the Government’s recommended daily intake it is important to supplement diets to address this deficiency, especially during pregnancy

Peter Clough, Technical Director at Efamol Ltd explains: "After birth, breast milk supplies the DHA and AA that is required for your baby to continue its development. However, if the mother is not getting enough DHA in her diet and she also does not have enough DHA stored as fat, then that DHA will be taken from her brain.

"In fact, a woman’s brain can shrink by about 3 per cent during pregnancy.  Consequently, her body stores can become depleted resulting in health risks for her including post natal depression’

Efalex Mother & Baby is available from large Boots stores priced at around £8.99. Each 750g capsule contains high strength omega-3 fish oils, DHA, EPA, AA, omega-6 nutrients and Vitamin E, to help mother and baby stay healthy and happy.


Your workout routine shouldn’t suffer because you’re feeling less mobile than usual. There are loads of effective ways to maintain great health so that you’re completely prepared for the childbirth experience. Pure Gym fitness expert Justin Way gives some top tips for keeping fit during pregnancy:

Keep moving throughout your pregnancy, research has shown that the longer you can keep up an active lifestyle, the higher the chance of an easier birth and quicker recovery.

During pregnancy you body releases the hormone relaxin, which is responsible for softening ligaments.  This can lead to unstable joints, which isn't helpful when you're working out.  The solution to this is to focus you workouts around strengthening your postural, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, because as your baby grows your abs stretch which forces them into a weakened position.

Stay hydrated.  It’s vital to drink 8 half pint glasses of water each day.  Water is essential for transporting nutrients to your baby as well as helping prevent constipation and haemorrhoids.


Pregnancy can take its toll on your appearance. Stretch marks and scars can knock your confidence as well as looking unsightly.

Bio Oil helps prevent formation of stretch marks during pregnancy and periods of rapid weight gain or loss and helps to improve the appearance of existing stretch marks, backed by a host of celebrity fans and experts including; Helena Christensen, Kara Tointon, Lorraine Kelly, Tess Daly, Sarah Harding,  Denise Van Outen, Kym Marsh and Angela Griffin. Available from Boots, Superdrug,Tesco, Asda,Lloyds Pharmacy, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Savers, Bodycare, SemiChem, Wilkinsons, and independent pharmacies nationwide. 60ml rsp £8.95, 125ml rsp £14.95, 200ml rsp £19.95

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